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period of incubation, may, subject to the provisions of chapter II of this part, be subjected to surveillance until the termination of that period.

Cholera and smallpox.
Ante, pp. 3293, 3294.
In the case of cholera and smallpox, the provisions of articles 32 and 35, relating to immunized persons, equally apply to action under this article.

article 53

Persons liable to surveillance in transit. Persons who, on their arrival at an aerodrome, are considered, under the terms of this part, liable to surveillance up to the expiration of the period of incubation of the disease, may nevertheless continue the voyage, on condition that the fact is notified to the authorities of subsequent landing places and of the place of arrival, either by means of an entry in the journey logbook as prescribed in article 9 of the present convention, or by some other method sufficient to secure that they can be subjected to medical inspection in any subsequent aerodromes on the route.

Under observation.
Ante, pp. 3290, 3298, 3300.
Persons who are liable to observation under the terms of articles 26, 44 (fourth paragraph), and 47 (second paragraph) of this convention, shall not be authorized until the expiration of the period of incubation to continue their voyage except, in the case of diseases other than yellow fever, with the approval of the sanitary authorities of the place of their destination.

article 53

Application of sanitary measure. In applying sanitary measures to an aircraft coming from all infected local area, the sanitary authority of each aerodrome shall, to the greatest possible extent, take into account all measures which have already been applied on the aircraft. in another sanitary aerodrome abroad or in the same country, and which are duly noted in the journey logbook referred to in article 9 Ante, p. 3284.of the present convention.