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which the mandate is exercised by His Majesty’s Government in the United Kingdom.[1]

Odo Russell
For Greece:
For the Irish Free State:
O’Kelly de Gallagh
For Italy:
Francesco Maria Taliani
For Monaco:
Henry E. Rey
For New Zealand:
Odo Russell
For the Netherlands, excepting Netherlands India, Surinam, and Curaçao:
Beelaerts von Blokland
For Poland:
W. Babinski
For Rumania:
Gr. Bilciuresco
For Sweden:

Ratifications deposited. And whereas, in accordance with the second paragraph of Article 63 of the said Convention, the Convention came into force on August 1, 1935, the one hundred and twentieth day after April 3, 1935, the date of the procès-verbal attesting that ten ratifications of the Convention had been deposited with the Government of the Netherlands, as follows:

Monaco, June 11, 1934; Egypt, August 8, 1934; the Netherlands, September 13, 1934; the United Kingdom of Great Britain and
  1. By virtue of a notification given to the Netherlands Government by the British Government on Apr. 3, 1935, in accordance with the second paragraph of art. 65 of the convention, the convention applied, from Aug. 1, 1935, to the Bahamas; Barbados; Bermuda; British Guiana; British Honduras; Cyprus; Falkland Islands and Dependencies; Gold Coast: (a) Colony, (b) Ashanti, (c) Northern Territories, (d) Togoland under British mandate; Hong Kong; Kenya (Colony and Protectorate); Leeward Islands: Antigua, Dominica, Montserrat, St. Christopher and Nevis, Virgin Islands; Malay States: (a) Federated Malay States: Negri Sembilan, Pahang, Perak, Selangor; (b) Unfederated Malay States: Johore, Kedah, Kelantan, Perlis, Trengganu and Brunei, Mauritius; Nigeria: (a) Colony, (b) Protectorate, (c) Cameroons under British mandate; State of North Borneo; Nyasaland Protectorate; Palestine (excluding Trans-Jordan); Sarawak; Sierra Leone (Colony and Protectorate); Southern Rhodesia; Straits Settlements; Tanganyika Territory; Trans-Jordan; Uganda Protectorate; Zanzibar Protectorate.—Editor.