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PROCLAMATIONS, 1935. 3471 ENUMERATION OF ARMS, AMMUNITION, AND IMPLEMENTS OF WAR BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA September 25. 1936. . A PROCLA~l.ATION WHEREAS section 2 of a joint. resolution of Congress, entitled ~~ms'l amm ts 4 tion• "JOINT RESOLUTION l>roviding for the prohibition of the ('xport anp:TarmstroBot (talk) 18:05, 19 November 2014 (UTC)n 0 war. of arms, ammunition, and implements of war to bell~erent countries; 1::'C: i:1: the prohibition of the transportation of arms, ammumtion, and imple- . ments of war by vessels of the United States for the use of belli~erent states; for the registration and licensing of persons engaged ill the business of manufacturing, exporting, or importing arms, ammunition, or implements of war; and restricting travel by American citizens on belligerent ships during war", approved August 31, 1935, provides in part as follows: "The President is hereby authorized to proclaim upon recommenda- tion of the Board from time to time a liSt of articles which shall be considered arms, ammunition, and implements of war for the purposes of this section", NOW, THEREFORE, I, FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT, Presi- arPflarlngdesignated dent of the United States of America, acting under and by virtue of Ie es as. the authority conferred upon me by the said joint resolution of Congress, and pursuant to the recommendation of the National Munitions Control Board, declare and proclaim that the articles listed below shall be considered arms, ammunition, and implements of war for the purposes of section 2 of the said joint resolution of Congress: Oategory I Categories. (1) Rifles and carbines using ammunition in excess of ('aI. 26.5, and their barrels; (2) Machine ~uns, automatic rifles, and machine pistols of all calibers, and thelr barrels; (3) Guns, howitzers, and mortars of all calibers, their mountings and barrels; (4) Ammunition for the arms enumerated under (1) and (2) above, i. e ., high-power steel-jacketed ammunition in excess of cal. 26.5; filled and unfilled projectiles and propellants with a web thickness of .015 inch or greater for the projectiles of the arms enumerated under (3), above; (5) Grenades, bombs, torpedoes, and mines, filled or unfilled, and apparatus for their use or discharge; (6) Tanks, military armored vehicles, and armored trains. Oategory II Vessels of war of all kinds, including aircraft carriers and sub- marines. Oategory I I I (1) Aircraft, assembled or dismantled, both heavier and lighter than air, which are designed, adapted, and intended for aerial combat by the use of machine guns or of artillery or for the carrying and dropping of bombs, or which are equipped with, or which by reason of deSIgn or construction are prepared for, any of the appliances referred to in paragraph (2), below. (2) Aerial gun mounts and frames, bomb racks, torpedo carriers, and bomb or torpedo release mechanisms.