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3584 RECIPROCAL TRADE-CUBA. Schedule I.-Contin· ---.,----------------------:-------- ued. Tariff Item 101 Description of Articles Crude or impure vegetahle oils and fats: No reduction will be made in the customs duties or consumption taxes in force on the day this agree- ment becomes effcctive on any article classified under Items or sub-Items 101-A, 101-G, 102-D, 102-E, 239, 240, and 274-A, -B, -C and -D of the Cuban Customs Tariff unless simultaneous and proportionate reductions are made in the import duties or consumption taxes on all other articles, descrihed in such tariff items. This note is "ithout prej udice to the special provisiolls relating to the reduction in duty and the aboli- tion of the consumption tax for articles classificd undcr Item 239 of the Cuban CustoIlls Tariff. Column 1 I Column 2 I I I 101-A cottonseecl,cornandsoYbeanOi),G.W __ 1OOKgs ___ ! ~5% 1.95 101-E 101-G 101-I1 101-1 The rate of duty to the r nited States may not be incrcased during the life of the Agreement, unlcss there is a. simultaneous aud proportionate in- crease in the rates of duty on all crude and re- fined vegetable oils dutiable under sub-Items 101-A, 101-0 and 274-A, -B, -C, and -D. Hydrogenated vegetable oils and fats imported by the manufacturers themselves to be uscd in the manufacture of soap, provided they are presented for clearance denatured in accordance with one of the formulae prescribed in the note to sub- Item "c" of this tariff item, and their use guar- a.nteed under oath in the usual manner already established, or which may be established by the Treasury Department, 0.W _____ ____ _ 100 Kgs __ Other vegetable oils not specifically classified, O. W _____ ____ _____ ____ _____ ____ __ _lOa Kgs_ ., Residues produced by refining cottons~ed oil, \1 with not more than 60% of free fatty acids, O.W _____• __• _• __ . _________ -__ . __ .100Kgs__: Residues produced by refining cottonseed oil, with I more than 60% of free fatty acids, O.W _100 Kgs .. ' I NOTE: The residues provided for in the above i sub-Item will be granted a reduction of 75% from I the duties specified therein when imported by the industrialists themselves to be u8(:d exclusively in the mining industry, and provided that this lise is guaranteed under oath in the usual manner already established, or which may be established by the Treasury Department. 20% 1.60 30% 3.01 20% 0.50 20% 0.80