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3586 RECIPROCAL TRADE-CUBA. STarmstroBot (talk)L-TarmstroBot (talk)-----------------------------~I~--- ued. 1::::: I Description of Articles Column 1 1 Column 2 - -- ---

--- , ----------1 - 102 lO2-B I02-C 102-D 102-E lO2-F 105 105-A Animal oils and fats and their derivatives: i No reduction will be made in the customs duties or I consumption taxes in force on the day this agree- ment becomes effective on any article classified under Items or sub-Items IOI-A, IOI-G, 102-D, 102-E, 239, 240, and 274-A, -B, -C, and -D of the Cuban Customs Tariff unless simultaneous and proportionate reductions are made in the import duties or consumption taxes_ on all other articles described in such tariff items. This note is without prejudice to the special provisions re- lating to the reduction in duty and the abolition I of the consumption tax for articles classified under Item 239 of the Cuban Customs Tariff. Crude glycerine and crude spermaceti, G. W ____ _ _ ___________________________________ 1001(gs__ Other crude animal oils and fats including neatsfoot oil and crude tallow, G.W____________ 100 l(gs__ 1 NOTE I: Crude oils and fats shall be understood to be those which have a dark color or a disagrec- i able odor and which contain more than 2% of free II fatty acids and more than 1 % of impurities, except water. NOTE II: Crude tallow shall be understood to be i that which contains more than 2% of fme fatty 1 acids and more than 1 % of impurities common

to tallow, except water.


Edible tallow, that is, the product obtained from

I the rendering of animal fats, except hog fat, white

or cream colored, of an agreeable odor, and not containing more than 2 % oHree fatty acids, G.W . ___________________________________ 100!(gs__ Oleo stearine, that is, the solid part obtained from animal fat except hog fat, with a minimum fusion point of 47° Centigrade, and not containing more

than2%offree fatty acids, G.W______I00Kgs__ : Crude and impure hydrogenated animal oils and fats imported by the manufacturers themselves to be used in the manufacture of soap, provided they are presented for clearance denatured in ac- cordance with one of the formulae prescribed in the note to tariff item 101, and their use guaran- teed under oath in the usual manner alreE-dy es- tablished, or which may be established by the Treasury Department, G. W __ ___ __ __ _ 100 Kgs __ Soaps: i Common or ordinary for scouritlg or washing, in I bars, paste or liquid, G.W .T ____ ____ __ IOO Kgs __ 20% 20% 20% 20% 20% 30% O. 80 O. 20 2. 40 2. 40 1. 60 3.50