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3598 RECIPROCAL TRADE-elIBA. Schedule I. -Contin· ued. Tarill Item Description of Articles ! Column 1 ; Column 2 142 Trimmings, galloons, ribbons and other articles of 142-A 142-B I42-C 143 143-B 143-C 147 147-B 148 148-A 148-B 149 149-B 152 hemp, jute, flax, ramie, etc.: I NOTE: Fabrics of rayon, the manufacture of the I United States of America, dutiable under this I Item, shall be granted exclusive and preferential reduction in duties as specified in Column 1, and . the rates of duty on such fabrics specified in Col- I umn 2 shall not be increased during the life of the ' Agreement. Rihbons, braids and galloons, not for ornamental purposes, for finishing clothing and other made- up articles or for manufacturing reins, bridles, cinches and footwear, including ,. alpargatas" (twine-soled sandals), N.W __ __ __ __ __ _ __ __ Kg__ Trimmings for ornamental purposes, such as tassels, fringe and figured or openwork braid, or with spangles or beading, and fancy ribbons and gal- R~~::,sb!l~:: ~i~;h;; ~~d-~ih~; b~id~d-18:27, 19 November 2014 (UTC)!~'I tures and cords, N.W ___________ _________ Kg__ , Bristles, hair and horsehair: In manufactured articles, including brooms and brushes (" cepiJIos ") except toothbrushes ______ _ ___ __ __ _______________ __ ________ Ad valorem__ Toothbrushes, N.W ________________________ Kg__ Fabrics of pure or mixed wool: In wearing apparel and knit articles in generaL __ _ _______________________________ Ad valorem__ Silk or floss silk, twisted in threa.d or yarn, in reels, skeins or other forms for sewing, embroidering or the manufacture of fabrics: I In reels, skeins or in any other form for the mechan- I . fcal manufacture of all kinds of fabrics, cords or braids__________________________ Ad valorem __ In reels, skeins or in other forms for knitting, em· broidering or sewing ______________ Ad valorem. _ In the piece, wearing apparel and other made-up articles: Men's and women's under-clothing, including stock- ings and knit articles in generaL __ Ad va.lorem __ ii Paper in continuous rolls, folios or sheets, white or I 1 colored, glazed or calendared or not, with or with- j out watermarks or pressure-marks, not cut to size I I or painted: 152-A . Manufactured on a base of screenings or other ordinary pulp, and of straw, weighing j;,ot less than 30 grams per square meter, known as brown paper or wrapping paper, or "screenings" paper, T _________________________________ 100 Kgs __ 152-B Manufactured on a base of soda pulp (Iu-aft), weighing not less than 10 grams per square meter, commonly known as Kraft paper for packing, T ________ . ______ •__ • ________ . _____ 100 Kgs__ : 40% 40% 40% 40% 30% 40% 50% 4.0% I I 50% 1 30% 30% 0.12 0.42 O. 30 27% O. 70 24% 10% 15% 50% 2. 80 2.975