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3604 RECIPROCAL TRADE--CUBA. Schedule I.-ContIn- ued. T~ Item Description ot Articles \ Column 1 Column 2 156-B 156-C 156-D 156-E 156-F 158


Impregnated, or coated with grease, oil, wax, paraffin, stearine, rubber, glue, etc., whether or not printed, typographed or lithographed, commonly known as water-proof paper; and tarred paper, reinforced or not with open-weave fabric of textile fibers, commonly used for baling, T ___________________________ 100 Kgs__ Carbon paper, T ______________________ 100 Kgs__ Sensitized paper for photographic use or for repro- ductions, T _________________________ 100 Kgs__ Gilded, silvered, nickeled, coated with quicksilver, etc., in sheets or strips, including paper or card- board coated with aluminum, whether plain, fancy, colored or embossed, T _____________ Kg__ Transparent sheeting of cellulose or of any cellulose derivative, plain or colored, printed or not, cut to size or in rolls, T _____________________ Kg- - NOTE: Envelopes, bags, pouches, and other wrappers and containers made of the material speci- fied in Item 156-F shall be subject to a surtax of 30% of the duties under this Item. Printed letterheads, forms for invoices, labels, checks, bills of exchange, accounts, receipts, bills of lading and similar forms, T _____________ Kg __ 159 Engravings, photographs, lithographs, chromo- lithographs, oJeographs, and any other class of reproduction not specifically classified: NOTE: When lithographs or any other class of reproduction in any number of colors dutiable under this Item are imported in the form of large posters constituting cinema advertising material they shall pay 50% of the duties specified under letters A, C, E and G of this Item in eif'3ct on the day this Agreement comes into force. 161 Cardboard, pasteboard and bristol-board, in sheets or rolls: 161-A Ordinary paperboard or pasteboard for corrugating, with a thickness not exceeding .01 of an inch, manufactured on a base of rye straw or other similar straws or sulphate pulp, provided that it is not glazed, colored, nor covered with paper or mineral substance, T ________________ 100 Kgs __ 161-B Ordinary paperboard or pasteboard manufactured on a base or wholly of waste paper or newspaper, in natural color as manufactured, including those known as "chipboard" and "newsboard ", T_________________________________ l00Jtgs-- 35% 40% 40% 30% 60% 20% 4.0625 3. 60 4. 50 0.07 0.07 O. 16 30% 0.70 35% 1. 626