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3006 RECIPROCAL TRADE-CUBA. Schedulel.-Contln- ---.------------------ -_._ --,- -- -- -:- --- - Column 1 \ Column 2 ued. Tariff Item Description of Articles --- ---------- 161-C 161-D 161-E 161-F 162 162-J 162-K 162-M 162-N 162-0 162-P Ordinary paperboard or pasteboard manufactured on a base of or entirely of waste paper or news- paper, but coJored on one or both faces, or cov- ered with white or colored paper not of a fancy nature, including those known as Ie chipboard" and "newsboard", also colored or covered with paper, T ___________________________ 100 Kgs __ Fine and heavy Kraftboard, not specifically elas- aified, manufactured principally from sulphate pulp; and manila board or imitations of manila board manufactured on a base of a combination of sulphite wood pulp and mechanical wood pulp or old waste rope or bagging-and coated or lined with white or colored paper, T _________ 100 Kgs__ Paperboard coated with white lead, kaolin or other similar substances and all other ordinary card- boards not specifically classified, whether or not covered with white, colored, lustrous or fancy paper, T ___________________________ 100 Kgs __ Bristol-board and fine cardboard manufactured wholly of sulphite pulp or fiber of flax (lino) or rags, colored or not, coat.ed or uncoated, or cov- ered or not with white, colored, painted, lust.rous or fancy paper; whether or not embossed (stamped) or with any other kind of work, T ____ _ ___________________________________ 100Kgs__ Manufactures of cardboard and bristol-board: Exterior C88CS in which goods are imported, made of any kind of cardboard or any combination of cardboard and fabric whether or not water- proofed, with or without printing, G. W _100 Kgs __ NOTE: Ordinary containers such 88 those clas- sified under sub-Item 162-J, whose contents are subject to ad valorem duty, shall not be dutiable separately_ Fine bristol and cardboard, cut to size, in the fonn of cards, without printing, engraving or orna- mentation, T _______________________ 100 Kgs __ Playing cards of all kinds, T ________________ Kg__ Cardboard hoods and discs for mnk bottles, whether plain or printed, T __________________ 100 Kgs __ Assembled round cups, with or without detachable disc cap therefor, coated or not with paraffin or other waterproof substance, v:hether or not printed typographically or lithographically, T _________________________________ l00 Kgs __ Other manufactures of bristol-board, fine card- board, or cardboard, not specifically classified, T _________________________________ I00 Kgs __ 40% 1. 80 40% 1.80 35% 1. 95 40% 3.30 I 45% I 1.65 30% 40% 30% 30% 30% 10. 50 0.24 3.50 4. 90 10. 50