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3620 RECIPROCAL TRADE-CUBA. Schedule I. - Contin- ued. T~ Item Description of Articles Column 1 Column 2 - --1----ยท -- --------- ------


239 240 241 241-A 241-B 242 242-A 242-B Pure hog lard, neutral hog lard, lard oil, lard stear- ine and any other edible derivative of hog lard except hydrogenated hog lard, N. W __ __ 100 Kgs __ NOTEI: The rate of duty on products of the United States classified under Item 239 of the Cu- ban Customs Tariff will be reduced to $4.10 per 100 kilograms on September 3, 1935, and to $3.20 per 100 kilograms on September 3, 1936. That rate may not be increased during the remainder of the life of this Agreement. NOTE II: The exi8ting consumption tax applica- ble to products of the United States classified under Item 239 of the Cuban Customs Tariff will be eliminated not later than September 3, 1936. Compound lard, that is, a mixture of animal and/or vegetable oils and fats in any proportion, and hydrogenated animal and vegetable oils and fats. T _________________________________ 100 Kgs __ NOTE I: When hydrogenated oils and fats clas- sified under this Item are imported directly by man- ufacturers of crackers and biscuits for their exclu- sive use and provided their use is guaranteed under oath in the usual manner already established or which may be established by the Treasury Depart- ment, they shall enjoy a reduction of fifty percent from the duties indicated. NOTE II: No reduction will be made in the cus- toms duties or cOllsumption taxes in force on the day this Agreement becomes effecti vc 011 any article elassified under Items or sub-Items 101-A, 101-G, 102-D, 102-E, 239, 240 and 274-A, --B, -C and - D of the Cuban Customs Tariff unless simul- taneous and proportionate reductions are made in the import duties or conuumption taxes on all other articles described in such tariff items. This Note is without prejudice to the special provisions relat- ing to the reduction in duty and the abolition of the consumption tax for articles classified under Item 239 of the Cuban Customs Tariff. I Ii Bacon and "tocineta", salted or smoked: I Bacon or salted and smoked pork T ____ 100 Kgs--i "Tocineta" orfat pork, merely salted, T __ 100 KgB_ J Hams or shoulders: Cured or smoked. T _________________lOO KgB__ Sugar-cured or otherwise prepared. T _ __ 100 KgB __ 20% 20% 30% 25% 30% 30% 5. 00 16.00 13. 125 9.00 14. 42 21. 00