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3652 CERTIFICATES OF AIR'VORTHINESS-GREAT BRITAIX. SePtemberlland17'A b tl. - T~' dS "A . _ ·JG n't' 1934. rrangement etween IW v ntte tate8 OJ . menca a,w' reat )rtalll Jor the reciprocalucognition oj certificates oj airworthinessJor imported aircraft. Effected by exchange oj notes, sigrted September 11 and 17, 1934, effectire October 17, 1934. The British An~bassadol' (Lindsay) to the Secretary of State (Hull) No. 305 Sm, BRITISH EMBASSY, lVashington, D.O., September 11th, 1934. Reciprocal recogni· I have the honour, under instructions from His Majesty's Princi- 'ion of certificates of Sf' A£r' hH'M' airworth.iness for im· pal ecretary 0 State for ForeIgn uaIrs, to state t at IS aJ- ported wrcraft. , G . hU'tedK'd fG B" d esty s overnment In t e m mgom0 reat ntam an Northern Ireland are prepared, in consideration of a reciprocal undertaking by the Government of the United States of America, and so long as they are satisfied that an adequate standard of air- worthiness is maintained and enforced in the United States, to accord, subject to the conditions hereinafter set out, the following treatment to civil aircraft in respect of which a United States certificate, as defined below, has been issued:- 2. For the purposes of this Note the term" United States cer- tificate " means a certificate of airworthiness for export issued by the competent authorities of the Government of the United States in respect of a civil aircraft constructed in, and under the regulations in force in, the continental United States of America, excluding Alaska. 3. Subject to the terms of this Note, United States certificates issued in respect of aircraft subsequently registered in the United Kingdom shall be validated by the competent United Kingdom authorities and shall thereupon have the same effect as if they had been issued under the regulations in forcp; in the United Kingdom. 4. Persons applying in the United Kingdom for the validation of a United States certificate will be required to produce with the application the under-mentioned documents or their equivalents:- «(11) A United States certificate granted within sixty days of the date of application; if such certificate is more than sixty days old the applicant will be required to obtain a renewal by the issuing authority before validation is effected. It is understood that the granting of the United States certificate of airworthiness for export will guarantee that the special requirements agreed between the competent United Kingdom and United States authorities haye been complied with. (b) An "inspection record" or similar document; this record will contain :-(i) a list of the serial numbers or other identifica- tion marks of all the principal c')mponents of the aircraft and items of equipment, or, alterna.tively, the principal components and items of