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3654 CERTIFICATES OF AIRWORTHINESS-GREAT BRITAIN. 11. (a) The competent United States authorities shall arrange for the effective communication to the competent United Kingdom au- thorities of particulars of "compulsory modifications" prescribed in the United States, for the purpose of enabling the United King- dom authorities to require, should they see fit, these modifications to be made to aircraft of the types affected, whose certificates have been validated by them. (b) The competent United States authorities shall, where nec- essary, afford the competent United Kingdom authorities facilities for dealing with" non-compulsory modifications" which are such as to affect the validity of certificates of airworthiness validated under the terms of this Note, or any of the other original conditions of yalidation. They will similarly give facilities for dealing with cases of major repairs carried out otherwise than by the fitting of spare parts supplied by the original constructors. 12. The competent United Kingdom authorities will, if so required and insofar as may be practicable, provide facilities for the tuition of technical officers of the United States in the special inspectional methods in use in the United Kingdom for any particular type of aircraft or aero engine. 13. The competent United Kingdom and United States authorities shall exchange full and frank information as to the performance of any aircraft of which the certificate of airworthiness has been validated under the terms of this Note on any matter of material importance for reasons of safety. 14. The competent United Kingdom and United States authorities shall each have the right to determine absolutely the interpretation of their regulations on any point of doubt or difficulty which may arise in the application of their own standard of airworthiness. 15. The question of the procedure to be followed in the application of the above provisions shall be the subject of direct cOlTespondence, where necessary, between the competent UnitE>-<l Kingdom and United States authorities. 16. His Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom may ter- minate the arrangements set out in this Note at any time by means of a notification in writing addressed to the Government of the United States to take effect two calendar months after the date of its receipt. 17. I shall be glad if you will inform me whether the Government of the United States concur in tho terms of this Note and are willing to grant reciprocal treatment to aircraft in respect of which United Kingdom certificates of airworthiness have been issued. I have the honour to be, with the highest consideration, Sir, Your most obedient, humble servant, The Honourable CORDELL HULL, Secretary of State of tl~:J United State8, lV~hillgton, D. C. R. C. LINDSAY