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SHIP MEASUREMENT CERTIFICATES-POLAND. papers carried by Polish vessels issued in accordance with the regu- lations transmitted with my note of January 17, 1930, as fulfilling the requirements in regard to measurement under the laws and regu- lations of the United States, and that it will not be necessary for vessels of Poland to be remeasured at any port of the United States. Simultaneously, I am informing my Government that, by trans- mitting to you this note, the agreement on the above subject between the United States and Poland has been definitely closed, in order to enable them to publish the above in the" Monitor Polski ", official daily of the Polish Government and in order that the Minister of Industry and Commerce may issue proper instructions to the Polish harbor authorities. In accordance with the wish expressed in your above mentioned note, I will inform you when appropriate steps have been taken to effect the reciprocal exemption in favor of vessels of the United States. Accept, Sir, the renewed assurances of my highest consideration. T. FILIPOWICZ The Honorable JOSEPH P. COTTON, Acting Secreta-ry of State. The Polish Amb(M,Qa<io1' (Patek) to the Secretary of State (Hull) AMBASSADE DE POLOGNE 99jSk-3 SIR, OCTOBER 5, 1934. 3665 Referring to the exchange of notes whi('h took place in 1930. Proclamation by Po- between the Polish Government and the Government of the United land. States relative to the mutual recognition of the tonnage measure- ment of ships, I have the honor to enclose herewith a copy, with a ('ertified translation, of the Proclamation, dated July 10, 1930, issued by the Minister of Industry and Commerce of the Republic of Poland. The said Proclamation, which is published in the official" Monitor Polski" of July 22, 1930, No. 167, pos. 254, states that the Polish merchant marine authorities recognize the tonnage measurement ('ertificates of the sea-going merchant vessels of the United States of North America equally with Polish certificates. ~\ecept, Sir, the renewed assurances of my highest eon~ideration. encl. The Honorable CORDELL H CLL. Secretary of State. S PATEK