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RADIO COMMU~ICATIONS, .AMATEUR STATIONS-CHILE. REPUBLIC OF CHILE MINISTRY OF FOREIGN RELATIONS DIPLOMATIC DEPARTMENT No. 04976 MR. AMBASSADOR: [TranslatloD) SANTIAGO, August 17, 193,4.. I have the honor to reply to Your Excellency's courteous note no. 127 of the 2d of the current month. Having in view the important services rendered by amateurs in the development of radio com- munications and with the desire of liberalizing the restrictions deal- ing with them, I confirm to Your Excellency the terms of the under- standing between the two Governments which modifies the provision of article 8 of the radio regulations annexed to the International Telecommunication Convention of Madrid of 1932: Amateur radio stations of Chile and of the United States may interchange messages of third parties provided that such messages are of such a character that they would not normally be transmitted by any existing means of electrIcal communication if it were not for the availability of the amateur stations, and with respect to which no compensation whatever can be collected. This arrangement shall apply to the United States and its terri- tories and possessions, includmg Alaska, the Hawaiian Islands, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, the Panama Canal Zone, and the Philippine Islands. ThIS arran~ment can be terminated by either of the two Govern- ments by givmg 60 days' advance notification to the other Govern- ment, by agreement between the two Governments dealing with the same subject, or because of legal provisions in either of the two countries which are incompatible WIth this provision. This agreement takes effect from the date of the present communi- cation. I avail myself of this opportunity to reiterate to Your Excellency the assurances of my highest and most distinguished consideration. MIGUEL CRUCIIAGA T To His Excellency Mr. HAL SEVIER, Ambassad01' Ewtra01'dinary and Plenipotentiary of the United State8. [No. 72] 3669