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3694 RECIPROCAL TRADE-BELGO-LUX:(4~MBURG ECONOMIC UNION. Schedule II-Contin- ued. SCHEDULE II.- Contillued I Tariff Act! of 1930 , Description of Articles Rates of duty paragraph I


1 314 I Hoop or band iron, and hoop or band steel, cut to lengths, or wholly or partly manufactured into hoops or ties, coated or not coated with paint or any other preparation, with or with- out buckles or fastenings, for baling cotton or any other commodity___ ____ ________ _______ O.2~ lb. 315 Wire rods: Rivet, screw, fence, and other iron or steel wire rods, whether round, oval, or square, or in any other shape, nail rods and flat rods up to six inches in width ready to be drawn or rolled into wire or strips, all the foregoing in I coils or otherwise, valued at not over 2% clmts I per pound________________________________ ! O.25¢ lb. 365 Shotguns: Valued at not more than $5 each______________ 75¢ eaeh & 22~% ad valorem Valued at more than $5 and not more than $10 each_____________________________________ $2 each & 221~% ad valorem Valued at more than $10 and not more than $25 each_ ____________________________________ $3 each & 227~ % ad valorem Valued at more than $25 and not more than $50 each_ ____________________________________ $5 each & 22}~ % ad valorem Valued at more than $50 each_ _______________ 32% % ad valorem 365 Barrels for shotguns, further advanced in manu- facture than rough bored only ___ _ __________ $2 each & 25~~ ad valorem 365 Stocks for shotguns, wholly or partly manufac- tured ____________________________________ $2.50 each & 25% ad valorem 365 Parts of shotguns and fittings for shotgun stocks or barrels, finished or unfinished ____________ - 2n~ % ad yalorem 365 Shotgulls imported without a lock or locks or other fittings_ ____________________________ $5 each & 27% % ad valorem 365 Shotgun barrels, in single tubes, forged, rough bored ____________________ .. _______________ 5% ad valorem 742 Hothouse grapes in bulk, crat.~s, barrels or other packages_________________________________ 25¢ per cubic foot of such bulk or the capacity of the packages, ac- cording as im- ported.