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PILOT LICENSES, CIVIL AIRCRAFT-GREAT BRITAIN. Malay States- (a) Federated Malay States- Negri Sembilan. Pahang. Perak. Selangor. (b) Unfederated ~1alay States- Johore. Brunei. Malta ~1auritius Nigeria- (a) Colony. (b) Protectorate. (c) Cameroons under British Mandate. North Borneo, State of Northern Rhodesia N yasaland Protectorate Palestine St. Helena and Ascension Seychelles Sierra Leone (Colony and Protectorate). Somaliland Protectorate Straits Settlements Tanganyika Territory Trans-Jordan Trinidad and Tobago Uganda Protectorate Western Pacific, Islands of- British Solomon Islands Protectorate. Gilbert and Ellice Islands Colony. Windward Islands- Grenada St. Lucia St. Vincent Zanzibar Protectorate. The Secretary oj State (Hull) to the British Ambassador (Lindsay) EXCELLENCY: DEPARTMENT 'OF STATE, IVashington, April 5, 1935. 3733 I have the honor to invite reference to your Note of March 28, rTarmstroBot (talk)Cs~~[e:.nce by 1935, setting forth the treatment which His :Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom is prepared, in return for reciprocal treatment, to accord to United States nationals as therein defined, in respect of air pilots' licenses, and to state in reply that the Government of the United States of America concurs in its terms and is prepared in return for the treatment therein specified to accord the following reciprocal treah'lcnt to British subjects as defined below:-