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RECIPROCAL TRADE-:tJRAZIL. foreign countries, whether imported directly, or indirectly: Provided, That the President may suspend the application to articles the growth, produce, or manufacture of any country because of its dis- criminatory treatment of American commerce or because of other acts or policies which in his opinion tend to defeat the purposes set forth in this section; and the proclaimed duties and other imp-ort restrictions shall be in effect from and after such time as is specIfied in the proclamation. The President may at any time terminate any such proclamation in whole or in part." 3809 WHEREAS I, Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of the United States Promotion of trade. of America, have found as a fact that certain existing duties and other import restrictions of the United States of Ameriea and the Republic of the United States of Brazil are unduly burdening and restricting the foreign trade of the United States of America and that the purpose declared in the said Tariff Act of 1930 as amended by the said Act of Vol. 4 ,6, p. 708; Vol. , 48, p. 943. June 12, 1934, will be promoted by a foreign trade agreement between the United States of America and the Republic of the United States of Brazil; WHEREAS reasonable public notice of the intention to negotiate Notice given. such foreign trade agreement was given and the views presented by persons interested in the negotiation of such Agreement were received and considered; WHEREAS, after seeking and obtaining information and advice with te;:n:t~eement en- respect thereto from the United States Tariff Commission, the Depart- ments of State, Agriculture, and Commerce, and from other sources, I entered into a foreign trade agreement on February 2, 1935, through my duly empowered plenipotentiary, with the President of the Republic of the United States of Brazil, through his duly empowered plenipotentiary, which Agreement, including two Schedules, annexed thereto, all in the English and Portuguese languages, is in words and figures as follows: The President of the United States of America and the Presi- dent of the Republic of the United States of Brazil, desiring to strengthen the traditional bonds of friendship between the two countries; to give effect to the principles embodied in the Reso- lution on economic, commercial and tariff policies approved on December 16, 1933, by the Seventh International Conference of American States; and to sup- plement the principle of equality embodied in the Exchange of Notes si~ned October 18, 1923, by grantmg mutual and recipro- cal advantages for the promotion of trade between the two coun- tries, as well as for the expansion of international trade, have re- solved to conclude a Trade Agree- o Presidente dos Estados Uni- dos da America e 0 Presidente da Republica dos Estados Unidos do Brasil, animados do desejo de fortalecer os tradicionaes la~os de amizade que unem os dois paizes; de levar a effeito os principios incorporados na Resolu~ao sobre a politica economic a, commercial e tarifaria, approvada. em 16 de Dezembro de 1933, pela. Setima. Conferencia internacional americana; e de amplia.r 0 principio de constante das nota.s trocadas em 18 de Outubro de 1923, pela concessao de vantagens mutuas e reciprocas para 0 desenvolvimento do com- mercio entre os dois paizes, assim como para 0 augmento do com- mercio internacional; resolveram celebrar urn Tratado commercial, Purposes declared.