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3822 Schedule I. RECIPROCAL TRADE-BRAZIL. SCHEDULE I NOTE: The provisions of this Schedule shall apply on and after the day on which the agreement comes into force to articles then lying in Customs ware- houses and warehouses of the" Mesas de Rendas" and bonded depots or docks, on which the duties have not then been paid in full} as well as to articles imported thereafter, in accordance with the provisions of article 7 of Decree No. 24343 of June 5, 1934. ABBREVIATIONS: Bmzlllan Tariff Item No. Kg. -Kilogram T. -Ton (metric) NW-Net weight LW-Legal weight GW-Gross weight Description of Articles HIDES AND SKINS: 37 98 106 225 230 240 245 282 4068 I \474 582 Prepared or tanned, not specified: colored or greased. Patent leather, grained or not. MILK: In powder, tablets or other state, with or without sugar. FISH: Preserved by any process: Sardines, sp,rats. brislings or slids, "chicharros", "jurelos ' and other small fish, herrings, and salmon, white, red or others. FRUIT: Plums, cherries, quinces, figs, apples, melons, strawberries, peaches, pears, grapes, and similar, fresh or green. PRESERVED FRUITS: Any other fruits: in alcohol, sugar sirup, or honey (jams) solid pack, jelly or pulp. CEREALS, GARDEN PRODUCE AND VEGETABLES: Preserved asparagus. All others, preserved in any manner, with or with- out mixture of fruits, in solid pack, except to- matoes, or prepared in any other manner. FLOURS: Of oats. NOTE: Note No. 51 of the Brazilian Tariff is main- tained in its entirety. GUMS, GUM-RESINS, NATURAL RESINS AND BAL- SAMS: Turpentine: Bordeaux or common. COTTON OILCLOTH: In the piece. In galloons or strips, cut or not. READY MADE CLOTHING (OF COTTON): Shirts, for both ~exes, of any fa.bric (other than knitted or netted) plain or with pleats. CEMENTS: The second and third subclassifications are com- bined as follows: Of magnesium, white or magnesian. Portland or Roman. Unit Kg.LW Kg. LW Kg.LW Kg. LW Kg.LW Kg.LW Kg. LW Kg.LW Kg. OW Kg. LW Kg. LW Each T. N'V Rate ofDut7 11$440 15$600 2$600 3$120 Free 6$240 2$600 4$160 $780 $780 6$930 8$320 7$800 104$000