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tinued. Brazilian Tarl1l Item No. Description of Articles AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY AND IMPLEMENTS, such as: 1825 Transplanters, plows, stump or tubercle pullers, reapers, cultivators, scarifiers, eradicators, harrows with stiff or flexible teeth, planters, Croskill, Cambridge and similar rollers, sowing Unit machines, sulkies, tractors and. similar. Free 1828 1831 1856 1866 1871 1885 STEEL FILES: Not specified: Weighing up to 300 grams per dozen. Weighing over 300 up to 1,500 grams per ciozen. Weighing over 1,500 grams per dozen. MACHINERY: For grinding knives and tools, sharpening pen- cils, for embroidering or sewing, cutting meats, paper, bread, cork or cloth, for threshing or crushing corn, for separating cream, up to a capacity of 10 liters, for bottling, ironing, making ice or sherbets, for washing glasses, bottles and dishes, for washing and wringing clothes, for cleaning knives, chopping meat, tobacco or vegetables, for shredding and simi- lar uses, small, for domestic use, for offices, small stores and similar. Machines, for calculating and for accounting or statistics, Hollorith system and others. Weighing up to 10 kilos. Same, weighing from 10 to 50 kilos. Same, weighing from 50 to 100 kilos. Same, weighing from 100 to 250 kilos. Same, weighing from 250 to 500 kilos. Same, weighing over 500 kilos. Typewriting machines: With keyboard. • Machines: for registering payments, passengers in vehicles, and similar. Machines: for typography: Linotypes, mono- types, autoplates, semi-autoplates. SPARK PLUGS FOR MOTORS: RUBBER AND GUTTA PEReHA, VULCANIZED OR NOT, EBANITE OR EBONITE, AND SIMILAR: Rubber hose and tubes, covered or not with wire, with or without interior or exterior cloth: Weighing over 250 grams up to 1 kilo per lineal meter. Weighing over 1 kilo up to 5 kilos per lineal meter. Belting for machinery. CONFECTIONERY, SWEETS , BONBONS , PASTILLES, ETO.: Add special subclassification for: "Chewing gum". LINOLEUM, CONGOLEUM, AND SIMILAR: In piflces and strips. In discs and carpets. Kg.LW Kg. LW Kg.LW Kg.GW Kg.LW Kg. LW Kg.LW Kg.LW Kg.LW Kg.LW Kg.LW Kg.LW Kg.LW Kg. LW Kg.LW Kg. LW Kg.LW Rate of Duty 3$900 2$730 1$950 $930 6$190 4$950 3$710 2$470 1$860 1$240 7$960 5$700 $750 7$900 5$850 3$900 9$360 5$000 1:);360 1$300