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2202 74TH CONGRESS. SESS. I . CHS. 817,818. AUGUST 29,1935. Payments due de- Sm. 2. That where the payment to be made under this Act is oeueClclalmaDts. less than $1,000, and the person who rendered the service is dead, Vol. 3f, p. 7110. PrwIIot. Baokrupts. and no demand is presented by a duly appointed legal representa- tive of his estate, payment may be made to the decedent's widow or legal heirs as is provided by existing law relating to the settlement of accounts of dooeased officers or enlisted men of the Army (34: Stat. L . 750) : Provided: That in all cases where the original claim- ants were adjudicated Dankrupts, payments shall be made to the next of kin instead of to the a~ignees in bankruptcy: And provided t ~ts to execu· fwrther, That wherever under this Act it is provlded that a pay- or, . ment be made to an executor or an administrator, whether original or ancillary or de bonis non, and such executor or administrator is dead or no longer holds his office, payment shall be made to the AUOmey's fees. ProDUo. DlvtsloD 01. succ~or therein, his title to hold such office being established to the satisfaction of the Comptroller General of the United States. SEC. 3. That no part of the amount of any claim appropriated for in this Act in excess of 10 per centum thereof shall be paid or delivered to or received by any attorney on account of services rendered in conriection with said claim: Provided, That in each case, payment for which is herein provided, the Comptroller General shall deduct a sum equal to said 10 per centum and pay one-half of the same to the attorney or attorneys who appeared for the claimant in the Court of Claims, as found by said court, and as set forth in the Senate documents aforesaid, and pay the other one-half of the same to the attorney or attorneys who performed services toward securing provision for the payment herein of the amounts so found; ~i to J':'~ and in event of the death of any of said attorney or attorneys, sea ve, . payment of said 10 per centum to be made to his or their legal LimitatioD. Peoalty•. representatives, upon execution of a full release and a complete discharge to the claimant for all services rendered therein, and after the payment for such services the balance thereof to be paid to the claimant. It shall be unlawful for any agent or agents, attorney or attorneys, to exact, collect, withhold, or receive any sum which in the aggregate exceeds 10 per centum of the amount of any item appropriated in this Act on account of services rendered o'r advances made in connection with said claim, any contract to the contrary notwithstanding. Any person violating the provisions of this Act shall be deemed Euilty of a misdemeanor, and upon convic- tion thereof shall be fined in any sum not exceeding $1,000. Approved, August 29, 1935. [CHAPTER 818.] AN ACT For the relief of Virden Thompson. . Be it enacted by the Scnate and H0'U8e of Representatives of the VI~en Thompson. United States of Ame'rica in 00llgre8s assembled That in the ndminis- Military record cor· • .• .' ..' rected. tratIon of any laws conferrmg rIghts, prIvIleges, and bl'Ilefits upon honorably discharged soldiers Virden Thompson, who was a member of Troop E, Second Reg~ment United States Cavalry, also member of the band of the same rpglluent, shall hereafter be held and considered to have been honorably discharged from the military service of the United States as a member of that organization on June 28, 1899: ~OOllt!:k pay, etc. Provided, That no bOU!lty, back pny, pension, or allowance shall be held to have accrued prIOr to the passage of this Act. Approved, August 29, 1935.