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FRIENDSHIP-AFGHANISTAN. 3873 Prol~sional agreement between the [~nitcd States oj America and the March 26. 19311. Kingdom oj .I\fghanistan concerning jriendsh'ip and diplomat1~c and consular representation. Signed, ]farch 26, 1.936; effective l.larch 26, 1936. TilE UNDERSIGNED, Mr. Jesse Isidor Straus, Am- bassador Extraordinary a n cl Plenipotentiary of the United States of America at Paris, and Ali Mohamed Khan, Minister of the Kingdom of Afghanistan at London, desiring to confirm and make a record of the understand- ing which they have reached in the course of recent conversations in the names of their respective Governments in regard to Friend- ship, and Diplomatic and ConsUr lar Representation, have signed this Provisional Agreement. AUTICLE I. There shall be a firm and en- during peace and sincere friend- ship between the United States of America and its citizens, and His :Majesty the King of Afghan- istan, his successors and subjects, throughout all their territories and possessIOns. ARTICLE II. The diplomatic representatives of each country shall enjoy in the territories of the other the priv- ileges and immunities derived from generally recognized inter- national law. The consular rep- resentatives of each country, duly provided with exequatur, will be permitted to reside in the terri- tories of the other; they shall en- joy the honorary privileges and the immunities accorded to such LES SOt:JSSIGNES, M. Jesse Isidor Straus, Am- mrn"t\\:i~:li1~~!~Fs~:; lJassadeur Extraordinaire et PIe- concerning fr!endship and dIplomatiC, etc., nipotentiaire des Eta t s - U n is representation. d'Amerique a Paris, et Ali Mo- hamed Khan, Ministre du Ro- yaume d'Afghanistan it Londres~ desirant confirmer et consigner rentente resultant des conversa- tions qu'ils ont cues recemment, au nom de leurs Gouvernements respectifs, en ce qui concerne l'amitie et la representation di- plomatique et consulaire, ont signe Ie present Accord Provi- SOlre. ARTICLE I. II y aura une paix ferme et stable et une amitie sincere entre les Etats-Unis d'Amerique et leurs citoyens, d'une part, et Sa Majeste Ie Roi d'Afghanistan, ses successeurs et sujets, d'autre part, sur toute l'etendue de leurs terri- toires et possessions. ARTICLE II. j\,Iuttlal friendship. I 't td'It' Diplomatic and con- ~es represen an s Ip oma 1- su!arrel'resentation. ques de chacun des deux pays jouiront, sur les territoires de l'autre, des privileges et immuni- tes accordes par Ie droit interna- tional generalement reconnu. Les representants consulaires de cha- cun des deux pays, dfunent munis de l'exequatur, seront autorises a resider dans les territoires de l'autre; ils jouiront des privi- leges honoraires et des immuni-