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3904 Scbedule I-Con. RECIPROCAl.. TRADE-COLOMBIA. SCHEDULE I-Continued Colombian Tariff Numeral Product Import Duty In ColomĀ· bian Pesos per Gross Kilo lTndcr Numeral 545: Syringes for injections, urethral baths and irrigators, llUrsing bottles of glas!'1, ho- siery and bands for varix and other me(F~inal uses, gauges of glass, porcelain, wood, etc., graduated or not; rules for surveyors, pessaries of any kind or substance, nipples of glass with or without bulbs or tubes of rubber, ordinary pill-making machines and those generally used in pharmacy (for large size, see machinery); pincers of any kind and substa.lIce for medical uses, dental forceps and other instruments for dentistry; pressure sprays, sprays with ruhl)('r bulbs or with piston, vapor sprays for inhaling; breast pumps of any kind; thermoeauteries for medicinal uses or any other use; thel'mometers of any kind or substance, with or without cases; scis- sors for surgery, lathes for dentists, probers and candles; speculums, suspensories, belts of cotton, etc., for hygienic uses, needles for syringes or for medical sutures. Orthopedic apparatus, canules of hone, gum and glass for syringes; masks and apparatus for the narcosis; abdominal bands, trusses, urinals; "peras" or bulbs, nasal siphons, areometers or hydrometers, instruments for wf'ighing or measur- ing the density of syrups, salts, urine, and milk, and other instruments for verifying density; autoclaves, balances, and granatories for pharmacies and their weights, and also all balances up t.o 1000 grams, and all precision balances; barometers, hypsom- eters, anemometers and other instruments for meteorological observations; biskuries, dentition collars, cups of glass or gum and apparr.tus for cupping, spoons and cups for feeding the si~k; droppers; scarificators; spatulas, frontal mirrors, laryngeal mirrors, dental and others for medical use; stoves for bacteriological laboratories; for- ceps; instruments for veterinary uses; acoustic horns, dental chairs, stretchers and tables of iron, etc., for surgical operations, disinfecting apparatus, inhalers, pedometers and counters for cattle; arti- ficial eyes, small brushes with or without handles for medical uses; oxygen generating apparatus, basins of any substance for disinfecting surgical instruments, Pasteur filters, mounted filters, stl:'tho- scopes, plates for X-ray. 545-A Cotton, gauze, bandages, sanitary napkins and other articles for dressings. 550 Graphophones and graphonolas; radio-electrolas and their parts. 551 Separate parts of musical instruments and apparatus. Under Numeral 551: Rolls of music for pianolas and piano-pianolas, strings of wire and of steel for musical instruments, strings of gut, axles and spools of cardboard and wood or paste for mount- ing rolls of music for pianolas, etc., wire of plded steel for the manufacture of strings for musical instruments. O. 18 O. 50 O. 25