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3908 Schedule I-Con. Colombian Tariff Numeral 633-A 633-C 633-D 633-F 633-G 637 639 640 RECIPROCAL TRADE-COLOMBIA. SCHEDULE I-Continued Product Import Duty in Colom- bian Pesos per Gross Kilo Biological and opotherapeutic products, (glandular). Granules, pellets, tablets, pills, and dragees (phar- mace~ical specialties and patent medicines). , Solution~, emulsions, medicinal syrups and extracts (aqueous, glycerinated, alcoholic and hydro- alcoholic extracts, vegetable or organic); (phar- maceutical specialties and patent medicbes). Disinfectants and antiseptics in small containers, with registered names. Unguents or pomades of known formula (pharma- ceutical specialties and patent medicines). The importation of pharmaceutical specialties and patent medicines remains subject to the provisions that the National Department of Hygiene of Colom- bia may dictate. It is understood, however, that the National Department of Hygiene of Colom- bia will not impose any certification requirement or any formality for the importation, registration, licensing and sale of pharmaceutical specialties and patent medicines, which will be impossible of fulfill- ment in the United States of America because of the lack of a duly authorized Federal agency. Dentifrice waters or elixirs, aromas, powders and pastes for the teeth. Perfumery and cosmetics, not designated. Under Numeral 639. Sachets and perfumed papers for the clothes, brilliantines, cosmetics, creams for the hair, the skin, or the nails, as cream of pearls, almond, Simon, etc., Bella Aurora Cream, extracts of odor, commonly called essences for the handker- chief, that are not essential oils, eSl>cnces of Florida water and Cologne, perfumed lotions for the hair, perfumed lotions such as Flores de Arnor, Cigalia, Camia, etc., that are not exclusively for the hair; lotion of Dr. Ayer, perfumed! perfumed powders for the toilet and powder puffs for their use; tints and soaps for the hair and the beard; bay .um. Disinfectants, insecticides and fungicides with a bese of phenol, formaldehyde, etc., of soapi hide poison, ctc. Under Numeral 640: Phenate of liquid soda, phormol, tr.cresol, etc., creoline, cresil, cresilic acid, cresol, cresorlium, liquid or solid, MacDougall Specific, and similar substances, carbolacine, sim.ilar to creo- line, "Activus" disinfectant, Cooper's tick eradi- cator, rat poison, medicinal powders for bea&ts, cresocresol, crephol, medicaments fOf animals, (gaseous fluid, white chemical embrocation), un- guents for galls and fOI"_grubs, red purges and similar remedies for animals, Webbely's healer, Humphries' remedy for cattle. When the disinfectants or antispetics mentioned in this Numeral are imported in small containers, with registered names, for retail sale, they will be dutiable under Numeral 633-F . o. 40 0.60 0.60 0.10 0.50 o. 65 6.50 0.01