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3932 Schedule I, Section A-Continued. Section B. RECIPROCAL TRADE-S\VITZEHLAND. Swiss Tariff Number Ex914d 948a1 948a2 948b1 948b2 948 b' 948 b' 1065 a 1129 1130 1132 a Swiss Tariff Number 1 12 24a 25a1 27 44b 95 SCHEDULE I, Section A-Continued Description of Articles Rate of Duty Swiss Francs per 100 kilograms - more than 1600 kilograms Typewriters and parts thereof Cash-registers, registering accounting machines, and parts thereof Calculating machines and parts thereof, weighing each: - more than 100 kilograms - more than 20 to 100 kilograms inclusive - more than 12 to 20 kilograms inclusive - 12 kilograms or less Note to 948: Stands for the above will be classified under position 784 b as painted steel office furniture. Coal-tar derivatives and auxiliary for the man- ufacture of aniline dyes, such as napthalene, anthra- cene, carbolic acid (phenol), toluol, benzoic acid, etc. Paraffin and ceresin, pure, unmanufactured Petrolatum Lubricating greases, mineral Section B 170. - 400. - 80.- 300. - 450. - 600.- 800. - 1.- 1.- 1.- 9.- Description of Articles Annual Quotas in 100 kilograms Wheat Rice in milled, husked or broken grains; groats and semolina of rice Apricots, apples, pears, fresh, but not in bags or in bulk Plums and prunes, dried or pressed, not pit.ted, in} containers of all kinds weighing 50 kilograms or more Plums and prunes, dried or pressed, not pitted, in containers of all kinds weighing less than 50 kilo·· grams Fruits, dried or pressed, pitted or stoned Vegetables preserved in vinegar or othe~'wise, in containers of all kinds weighing 5 kilograms or less, other than preserved tomatoes, but includ- ing preserved asparagus Lard Note: The Swiss Government agrees that not less than ninety percent of the total permitted impor- tations of lard shaH ,.onsist of lard originating in the United States of America. The annual quota thus allotted to the Unitbd States sha.ll be divided into four equal calendar quarter quotas. Should any part of such quarterly quota not be utilized, the unused portion thereof may be re-allocawd to other countries. If, however, an import per- mit issued to a given importer has not been utilized within thirty days of its issuance, the Swiss au- thorities agree to offer to the other importers en- titled to import lard from the United States the right to import, within thirty days, the qua.!ltity stipulated in the said permit. The Swiss Government will authorize the im- portation of lard within three months after this AlI:reemcnt comes into force. 1, 180,000 20,000 24, 146 24, 709 11,000 10,000 90 % of total Swiss im- ports