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3934 Scbedule I. ~e<'tion B-ContinuM RECIPROCAL TRADE-H'VITZERLAND. Swiss Tariff Number 237 Ex330a Ex 522 541 643 b Ex 882 eli Ex 882 elh Ex 914 aId 954 a SCHEDULE I, Section B-Continued Description of Articles Resinous wood, for building and industrial purposes, sawn or split lengthwise or even completely squared, other than sleepers, vine-props and hoop-wood Wallboards of vegetable fiber, regardless of condi- tion or size Pneumatic tire casings and inner tubes of rubber, combined with metal or fabric Socks and stockings: of naturalsilk (without special pennit) 15 of natural or artificial silk 15 Total Petroleum residues for heating purposes Electric refrigerating machines and apparatus, and parts thereof Oil-burners, and parts thereof Passenger automobiles and trucks, and chassis therefor Radio apparatus, with or without cabinets Note to 9.5J,. a: 800 quintals correspond to 5,GOO radio sets, with or without cabinets, provided that separately imported parts and accessories, includ- ing tubes, will be charged against the quota in the proportion of 100 kilograms e4uals 7 sets, 1065 b Benzine and benzol for motors 1126 and} K(' osene 1126 a r 1131 b Mineral lubricating eils, unmanufactured Annual Quotas iu 100 kilograms 75,000 3,000 6,912 ao 300,000 2,821 280 ('nU, 4,812 11/ 100 ki/0f17a~ 800 650,000 117,000 14;'),000