Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 49 Part 2.djvu/1988

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3994 RECIPROCAL TRADE-GUATE~L-\LA. portation or sale of any article in which the other country has an interest, or imposes a lower im- port duty or charge on the im- portation or sale of a specified quantity of any such article than the duty or charge imposed on importations in excess of such quantity, the Government taking such action will: (a) Give public notice of the total quantlty, or any change therein, of any such article per- mitted to be imported or sold or permitted to be imported 01' sold at such lower duty or charge, during a specified period; (b) Allot to the other country for such specified period a share of such total quantity as orig- inally established or sub s e- quently changed in any manner, equivalent to the proportion of t,he total importation of such artide which such other country supplied during a previous repre- Efntative period, unless it is mutually agreed to dispense with such allotment; and (c) Give public notice of the allotments of such quantity among the several exporting coun- tries, and at all times, upon re- quest, advise the Government of the other country of the quantity of any such article the growth, produce or manufacture of each exporting country, which has been imported or sold or for which licenses or permits for importation or sale have been . granted. Import licenses, etc. 2. Neither the United States of America nor the Republic of Guatemala shall regulate the total quantity of importations into its territory or sales therein of any a:..,ticle in which the other country has an interest by import licenses or permits issued to individuals or organizations, unless the total quantity of such article permitted to be imported or sold during a quota period of not less than three months shall have been estab- lished, and unless the regulations covering the issuance of such licenses or permits shall have cualquier articulo en que este interesado el otro pais, 0, sobre importaci6n 0 venta de determi- nada cantidad de cualquier articu- lo, impone derecho 0 car~a menor que el derecho 0 carga lmpuesta a las importaciones en exceso de esa cantidad, el Gobierno que asi actue, debera: a) Dar aviso publico de 180 cantidad total, 0 cua1quier cam- bio de esta, quo de a1guno de esos articulos se permita importar 0 vender 0 que se permita Importar o vender con derecho 0 cargoa reducidos, durante determinado periodo. b) Asignar 801 otro pais, d u- rante tal determinado periodo, parte de 180 cantidad total que originalmente se hubiere esta- blecid(l, 0 posteriormente cam- biado en modo alguno, en equi- valencia a 180 proporci6n de 180 importaci6n total del articulo que el otro pais haya enviado durante un periodo representa- tivo !tnterior, a menos que mutua- mente se convenga en prescindir de tal asignaci6n i y c) Dar aviso yublico de las asignaciones de ta cantidad entre los diferentes paises exporta- dores y en todo tIempo, mediante solicitud, informar 801 Gobiemo del otro pais sobre 180 chntidad de eualquier articulo cultivado, producido 0 manufacturado de cada pais exportador que se haya lmportado 0 vendido, 0 para cuva importaci6n 0 venta se hayan concedido licencias 0 permisos. 2. Ni 180 Republica de Guate- malf'. ni los Estados Unidos de America regularan por licencias o permisos de importaci6n a favor de individuos u organizaciones, 180 cantidad total de importaciones a su territorio 0 ventas en el de ningun articulo que jnterese 0.1 otro pais, a menos que se haya sido establecida 180 cantidad total del articulo objeto del permiso de importaci6n 0 venta durante un periodo de cuota no menor de tres meses, y a menos que los reglamentos sobre expedici6n de tales licencias 0 permisos se hu-