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74'1'H CONGRESS. SESS. II . CHS. 388,389,408,409. MAY 13, 15, 1936. 2293 at Richmond, Virginia: Pl'()~'ided, That no part of the amount appro- LPrI'mo"l!taSOt" tt_ . d'I'A . f h fIIIbe'd 1011 011 a or prlute m t 11S ct l1l ex('ess 0 10 per centum t ereo S1a pal ney·s,etc.• fees. or delivered to or received by any agent or attorney on account of !'ervices rendered in connection with this claim, and the same shall be unlawful, any contract to the contrar~! notwithstanding. Any i>enaltyforviolation. person violating the provisions of this Act shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be fined in any sum not exceeding $1,000. Approved, :May 13,1936. [CII APTER 389.] AN ACT For the relief of Josephine Russell.

-ray 13, 193(;'

[S.4416.i -[;'rinte, ~o. 5;;1.] Be it enacted by the Smwie and II0118(3 of Repre8entalive.~ of the United Stales of Arnerioa in 001/.0'1'(:81; aS8e7nhled, That the Employ- J?se~I~!ne Russell; ,~, . c..b~'I' - hb h'd 1 ro\ 1,lOns of Em- ees vompensatIon OmmlSSlOn e, an< It IS ere y, aut orlze and ployees' C'om()('nsation directed to receive and determine the claim of Josephine Russell Act extended to. for disability resulting from injuries sustained by her on or about June 19, 1933 while employed by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Department of the Interior, as a nurse in the Pine Ridge Hospital, Pine Ridge, Dakota, Ul~der the provisions of the Act entitled p li-: 3 il


"An ~ct t? :pro,vlde c?mp'ensatlOn for employees of ~he U!llted States w~!~,~e limitatioD suffermg lIlJurles whIle m the performance of theIr dUties, and for . other purposes", approved September 7, 1916, as amended, except that the time limitation in sections 15 and 20, inclusive, of said Act are hereby waived: Pl'O'IJ'ided, That 110 benefits shall accrue prior to ~o"~:~6r benefits. the approval of this Act. Approved, :1\1ay 13, 1936. [CHAPTER 408.] AN ACT !\'Iay 15, 193/1. Authorizing the President to present a medal in the name of Congress to [8.158.1 Johannes F. Jensen. -n'iivate. So. 5,';5- .] - Be it enacted by the Senate and of Representatives of the United States of Ameil'ca 1 in Con,aTess (UJsembled That the President Jnhannes.F.Jensen. • •


'. i>resentatulD of mooal of the Umted States IS hereby authorIzed to present, III the name of to, authorized. Congress, to Johannes F. Jensen, lieutenant commander, United States Naval Reserve, a medal of appropriate design in recognition of his heroic conduct on October 28, 1917, when, as acting master of the Finland, a United States Army chartered transport, he was largely responsible for the saving of that ship and its being brought safely into port after being torpedoed. Approved, May 15, 1936. [CHAPTER 409.] AN ACT For the relief of I.ouis H. Cordis. Maylli,11I31;, [8.1075.] Be it enacted by the Renate arul Ho'uu of Repl'l'sentalit'es of the United States of America in CongreroJ8 a8semhled, That the require- ~fu~JliyCor·iS. r ments of sections 15 to 20, both inclusive., of the Act entitled "An to tJ!,~onside~3.lm 0, Act to provide compensation for employees of the United States sifn:si~te:2mpl~;::!: suffering inJ'uries while in the performance of their duties, and for co.mped nsation Act waive _ other purposes", approved September 7. 1916, as amended, are hereby Vol. 39, p. 711l; {c' . waiv(>d in the ca~e of Louis H. Cordis of Portland, Oregon, fonnerly s. c ., p. 100. 1 So ill original.