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74TH CONGRESS. SESS. II. CHS.536-538. JUNE 5,1936. 2313 Hintz when she was injured in an automobile collision with a United States owned truck near Santa Fe, New Mexico, on Septem- ber 2;3, 1934: Provided, That no part of the amount appropriated in Prj• ORaI'ta° t " I· \.' f10 I fhIIb .1dI' .u n Ion on attor- tlIS.L ctInexcess 0 per centulU t lereo s a e pale or e IV- ney's, et~.,fees. ered to or received by any agent or agents, attorney or attorneys, on uccount of services rendered in connection with said claim. It shall be unlawful for any agent or agents, attorney or attorneys, to exact, collect, withhold, or receive any sum of the amount appro- priated in this Act in excess of 10 per centum thereof on account of services rendered in connection with said claim, any contract to the contrary notwithstanding. Any person violating the provisions hnallyfonioJatioll. of this Act shall be deemed ~ui1ty 'of a misdemeanor and upon con- viction thereof shall be fineu in any sum not exceeding $1,000. Approved, June 5, 1n36. [CHAPTER 537.] AN ACT For the relief of John B. Meisinger and Nannie B. Meisinger. June 5, 1936. [II. H .IlO3!1 .] IPrh'ate, ~o. 6OO.J Be it enacted by tlte Seriate and 1l0u..'1e of Representative8 of the United States of A me1'ica in () ongress (J.'1sembled, That the U nited ar~d}I;J~n n.~ tI~si~l(e~ States Employees' Compensation Commission be, and it is hereby, ger.· III . - elSln authorized and directed to place upon its compensation roll the names to~lol;thIY puym('ll(, of John B. Meisinger and Nannie B. ~Icisinger, who shall be held and considered to be the dependent parcnts of Doctor Clarence L. Meisinger, who was killed June 2, 10~4, by the explosion of a balloon in which he was making a series of observations for the United States Weather Bureau, and pay jointly to them compensation at the rate of $50 per month. SEC. 2 . The ~ompensation of said .J ohn B. Meisingcr and N annie Conditions. B. Meisinger shall cease if either of them dies, marries, or ceases to be dependent; and thereafter the r(>maining dependent shall be paid at the rate of $25 per month until he dies, marries, or ceases to be dependent. SEC. 3. This Act shall take effect OIl the 1st day of the calendar F.fYectiVA datI' . month following the date of its enactment. Approved, June 5, 1936. [CHAPTER 538.J AN ACT For the relief of Earl Elmer Gallatin. ~';' Be it enacted by tlLe Senate and House of Represen.tative8 of the June . 'i, 1931i. [H. H . K27H.J II'rivate, No. 6OI.J United State8 of America in Congres8 assembled, That in the admin- J<~arl Elmer (j~ll"tin . . t.f 1 f- . h . '1 dbe fi =""\,111 record cor- IS ratIon 0 any aws con 'crrmg l'lg 1.0;;;, privi eges, an ne ts upon re<·tcti. honorably discharged marines, Earl Elmer Gallatin, who was dis- charged for fraudulent enlistment on account of misrepresentation of his age, shall hereafter be held and considered to have been honor- ably discharged from the Marine Corps on November 3, 1917, and that the Secretary of the Navy shall grant him a discharge certificate showing that he is held and considered to have been honorably discharged: Provided. That no compensation, retirement pay, back ]'rOOi30. . IbfiIIIbIIdI d

-\() huck pay, etc.

pav, penSIOn, or ot leI' ene t S la e Ie to lave accrue prior to the passa~e of this Act. Approved, June 5, 1936.