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74TH CONGRESS. SESS. II. CRS. 788, 789. JUNE 24, 1936. (CHAPTER 788.] AN ACT For the relief of Louis Manzumin. 2355 June 24. 1936. [H. R . 8720.] [Private. No. 695.] Be it enacted by the Be'nate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress fMsembled, That the Secretary Louis Mam.umin. of the Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to pay, Payment to. out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, the sum of $5,000 to Louis Manzumin, of Chicago, Illinois, as full compensation for permanent injuries and damages received by the said Manzumin on the 29th day of June 1920, caused by being struck by an automobile, then in the service of the Post Office Department, said injuries being caused by the negligence of the driver of said truck without any contributory negligence on the part of said Proviso. Manzumin: Provided, That no part of the amount appropriated in L!miLstion on attor· this Act in excess of 10 per centulll thereof shall be paid or delivered ney~, etc. , fees. to or received by any agent or attorney on account of services rendered in connection with this claim, and the same shall be unlaw- ful, anv contract to the contrary notwithstanding. Any' person Penalty for violation. violatin~g the provisions of this Act shall be deemed g'llllty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shaH be fined III any sum Hot ex('eeding $1,000. Approved, June 24, 1936. [CHAPTER 789.] AN ACT For the relief of John N. Hunter, Edmund M. Cook, Fred C. Putnam, Merchants National Bank of South Bend, Indiana, and Saint Joseph Loan and Trust Company, of South Bend, Indiana. June 2·1, W3ii. (H. R . 879\1.] [Private, No. 6W~1 Be it enacted by the Senate awl n ouse of Representatives of the United States of America in Congres8 a.'Isernbled, That the Comp- John!\. Hunter and troller General of the United States is hereby authorized and ol~·e:;iits ill IMtsl ac· directed to credit the account of John N. Hunter, postmaster at ("I)unts. South Bend, Indiana, with the sum of $4,762.31; the aCCOl}nt of Edmund M. Cook, acting postmaster at Allegan, Michigan, with the sum of $1,652.87; and the account of Fred C. Putnam, post- master at Kalamazoo, Michigan, with the sum of $2,001.86, repre- senting the total amount of ninety-three postal money orders, stolen, fraudlilentlv drawn, and negotiated by oue Herman M. Sharpsteen between July 15, 1933, and June 22, 1934, and paid. by the said postmasters upon proper 'presentation from certain banks, without fault or negligence on theIr part. SEC. 2 . The Secretall of the Treasury i.s herehy authorized and Payments. directed to pay, out 0 any mone~ in the Treasury not otherwise aSpprhoPBriatded,... tdo. the ~hrerchalltsf' $J.:oational Ba~k of South f Bend, ti(~~l M:~nt~o~t~ out en,Inlana,t esum0

), representmg a part 0 money !lend, Ind.

' paid by the said bank on invalid postal money orders, numbered 72f9S~3 al h ld B 7298 d 4 ;Iand~ to ththe Saint JOfs$~9P9h" Loan andt,!rust CofmPdany , 8n~ai~ru!~!~mr!aTarmstroBot (talk) o out en, nlana, esum0 ~, represen mg a re un on South !lend, Ind. seven invalid postal money orders which it paid in the amount of $695, and for which it was paid by the postmaster at South Bend, said bank subsequently refunding such amount to the said post- master, and also representing a loss on three invalid postal money orders which it paid in the amount of $300, but which payment tlw postmaster at South Bend refused to recognize. Huch sums shall be in full settlement of all claims against the rnited States for the