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2378 CONCURRENT RESOLUTIONS OF CONGRESS. March 11.1935. SOPHIE DE SOTO [H. Con. Res.• No. 16.1 Resolved b1/ the House oj Representatives (the Senate concurring), TarmstroBot (talk)t:Dsr!"enrol1- That the ~tlon of the Speake~ of. th~ House of Repre~entatives and Il!8ntofbillforre1iefof, of the PresIdent of the Senate m SIgDlllg the enrolled bill (H. R. 330) dl~pp. 2046, 2377. entitled "An Act for the relief of Sophie de Sota", be rescinded, and , that in the reenrollment of the said bill the Clerk of the House of Representatives be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to make the following correction, namely': Strike out the words "de Sota" wherever they appear in said bIll and title and insert in lieu thereof the words "de Soto". Passed, March 11, 1935. March 14. 1935. STATUES OF CAESAR RODNEY AND JOHN M. CLAYTON (s. COD. Res., No.5 .) Resolved by the Senate (the House of Representatives concurring), R:TarmstroBot (talk)es8D3'JO~D~ That there be printed with illustrations and bound, in such form Clp8Y~... . and style as may be directed by the Joint Committee on Printing, r"""""mgs OD ac- h d hdd.fh d" C ce~tance of, ordered two t ousan two un re copIes 0 t e procee mgs m ongress p ~:~. p 2377 together with the proceedings at the unveiling in the rotunda of the ... Capitol, and such other matter as may be relevant thereto, upon the Distribution. lliustratioDS. acceptance of the statues of Caesar Rodney and John M. Clayton, presented by the State of Delaware, of which two hundred shall be for the use of the Senate, and five hundred for the use of the House of Representatives, and the remaining one thousand five hundred copies shall be for the use and distribution of the Senators and Representatives in Congress from the State of Delaware. The Joint Committee on Printing is hereby authorized to have the copy prepared for the Public Printer and shall procure suitable illustrations to be published with these proceedings. Passed, March 14, 1935. April 2. 1935. ECONOMIC SECURITY BILL lB. COD. Res., No. III.J Resolved by the House oj Representatives (the Serude concurring), bl~conomlc Security That in accordance with paragraph 3 of section 2 of the Printing Additional CO&les of Act approved March 1, 1907, the Committee on Ways and Means ~r;:TarmstroBot (talk) ~ID~: of the House of Representatives be, and is hereby, empowered to ~o~ ~ Ppl~~ have printed for its use two thousand copies of the hearings held po,,; p:2a79.· before said committee relative to the bill (H. R . 4120) to alleviate the hazards of old age, unemployment, illness, and dependency, to establish a social insurance board in the Department of Labor to rai~ revenue, and for other purposes, Seventy-fourth Congress, first sessIOn. Passed, April 2, 1935. April 4. 1935. [So COD. Res., No. 13 .) ARMY DAY Army Day. Saturday, April 1935, recognized 88. Resolved by the Senate (the House oj Representatives concurring), 6 That Saturday, April 6, 1935, be recognized by the Senate and House , of Representatives of the United States of America, as Army Day, and that the President of the United States be requested, as Com- mander in Chief, to order military units throughout the United States to assist civic bodies in appropriate celebration to such extent as he may deem advisable. Passed, April 4, 1935.