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2388 CONCURRENT RESOLUTIONS OF CONGRESS. committee during the current session pursuant to the resolution (H. Res. 443) authorizing the appointment of a Select Committee to Inquire Into Old Age Pension Plans with respect to pending legislation. Passed, June 18, 1936. JUDe 18, 1936. FIRST DEFICIENCY APPROPRIATION ACT, 1986 (H. Con. Res. , No. 68.) Resolved by the House oj Represematives (the Senate concurring), Firat Deft~8DCY~P- That in the enrollment of the bill H. R. 12624, the First Deficiency pro~~n f; !moll. Appropriation Act, fiscal year 1936, the Clerk of the House of Repre- m~!:f'pdl::;rt. sentatives is hereby authorized and directed to include in said bill, ,.. on page 2, after line 13, a new paragraph to read as follows: "For payment to the widow of Joseph W. Byrns, late a Representa- tive from the State of Tennessee, $10,000, to be disbursed by the Sergeant at Arms of the House." In the proper place, under the heading "Senate" insert the following: "To pay Anna Louise Fletcher, widow of Honorable Duncan U. Fletcher, late a Senator from the State of Florida, $10,000." Passed, June 18, 1936. JUDe 18, 1936. KENTUCKY DISTRICT COURT [H. Con. Res. , No. 69.) Resolved by the House oj Representatives (the SeMte concurring), ~tuckY district That the President of the United States be, and he is hereby, requested ~\um~tri1l~· R. to return to the House the enrolled bill (H. R . 12848) to provide an quested~ ng ,r&- additional place of holding_ terms of the United States district court Ante, p. 1822 . in the eastern district of Kentucky, and to amend section 83 of the Judicial Code, as amended; Cancelation of 81g· That the action of the Speaker and of the President of the Senate natures. in signing the said enrolled bill be rescffided; and Correction In en, That in the reenrollment of the said bill the Clerk of the House of rollment. • • " Representatives be, and he IS hereby, authorized and directed to make the following correction, namely: Strike out the word "Pikes- ville" whe~ver it appears in said bill and insert in lieu thereof the word "Pikeville". Passed, June 18, 1936. JUDe 18,1936. UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION SESQUICENTENNIAL COMMISSION tH. Con. Res. , No. 60 .) Resolved by the House oj Representatives (the Senate concurring), It.::"':! ~:;r~:n. That the Clerk of the House of Representatives is authorized and uJal Comml8s1on. n· directed, in the enrollment of H. R . 12624, to amend the matter Correction in enroll· dtbbthH . t' 'th Se Ad iug bill(H. R. 12624) agree 0 Y 0 ouses In connec Ion WI nate men ment relative to. Numbered 14, as follows: A7Ile,p.1599. Insert in such matter, after the figures "1936", the following: "including payment of salaries and expenses heretofore incurred In preparing to carry out the provisions of such Act,". Passed, June 18, 1936. June ~, 1936. ADJOURNMENT (H. COD. Res., No. 63 .) Resolved by the House oj Representatives (the Senate concurring), AdjournmentofCon· That the two Houses of Congress shall adjourn on Saturday the pess,June~.I936. hd fJ dhhhd' 'd' h 20t ay0 une,1936,an t atw ent eyalOurnonsal dayt ey stand adjourned sine die. Passed, June 20, 1936.