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TELECOMMr~IC~\'TIO~ CONVENTION. DECEMBER 9, 1932. that has drawn up the present Convention; this same government shall, through diplomatic channels, notify the other signatory and adhering governments of the ratifications, as soon as they are received. § 2. In case one or more of the signatory governments would not ratify the Convention, the latter shall none the less be valid for the governments which shall have ratified it. ARTICLE 7 Approval oj the Regulations 2399 § 1. The governments must, as soon as possible, submit their de- tiTarmstroBot (talk) 14:59, 19 November 2014 (UTC)rm'al of r~guJa· cision concerning the approval of the Regulations drawn up by the Conference. This approval shall be reported to the Bureau of the Union which shall inform the members of the Union accordingly. § 2. In case one or several of the governments concerned would not report such an approval, the new regulatory provisions shall none the less he valid for the governments which shall have approved them. ARTICLE 8 Abrogation oj Convention8 and oj Regulatio1/s Prior to the Pre8ent Convention The prescn t Convention and the Regulations annexed thereto c:;~r:TarmstroBot (talk) 14:59, 19 November 2014 (UTC)a~)~ ~:;J~ shall abrogate and replace, in the relations between the contracting lations. governments, the International Telegraph Conventions of Paris (1865), Vienna (1868), Rome (1872), and St. Petersburg (1875), and the Regulations annexed thereto as well as the International Radio- Vol. 3i. p. 15l'~~; Vol. , 3i!, p. 16i2, Vol. 411, p. telegraph Conventions of Berlin (1906), London (1912), and Wash- 2700. ington (1927), and the Regulations annexed thereto. ARTICLE 9 Execution oj the Convention and of the Regulations 1:. 1 . The contracting governments undertake to apply the provi- Execution of (', '1 1' II vp.ntion alltl fir Hrj:ula- sions of the present Convention and of the Regulations accepted by tions. them, in all the offices and in all the telecommunication stations established or operated by them, and which are open to the inter- national service of public correspondence, to the broadcasting service, or to the special services governed by the Regulations. § 2. Moreover, they agree to take the steps necessary to enforce the provisions of the present Convention and of the Regulations which th('y accept, upon the private operating agencies recognized by them and upon the other operating agencies duly authorized to establish and operate telecommunications of the international service whether or not open to public correspondence. ARTICLE 10 Denunciatio.n oj the Convention by the Governments § 1. Each contracting government shall have the right to denounce o~!~~':n~~::I~t~,:!. the present Convention by a notification, addressed, through diplo- vention. matic channels, to the government of the country in which was held