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TELECO~IMUNICATION CONVENTION. DECEMBER 9, 1932. 2411 ARTICLE 20 Internal Regulations oj the Oonferences § 1. Before any other deliberation, each conference shall establish Internal Regulations containing the rules according to which the de- bates and the work shall be organized and conducted. § 2. For this purpose, the conference shall take as a basis the Inter- nal Regulations of the preceding conference, which it may modify if deemed advisable. ARTICLE 21 Lanfjuage § 1. The langua~e used in drafting the acts of the conferences and for all the documents of the Union, shall be French. § 2. (1) In the discussions of conferences, the French and English languages shall be permitted. (2) Speeches made in French shall immediately be translated into English, and vice versa, by official interpreters of the Bureau of the Union. (3) Othcr languages may also be used in the discussions of the conferences, on condition that the delegates using them provide for the tmnslation of their own speeches into French or into English. (4) Likewise thesc delegates may, if they so desire, have speeches in French or in English translated into their own language. CHAPTER III GENERAL PROVISIONS ARTICLE 22 Telecommunication as a Public Service Internal regulations. Language. General Provisions. The contractinO' governments recognize the right of the public to Tflecof!lmunl.c' .1tion b as a public service. correspond by means of the international service of public correspond- ence. The service, the charges, the guarantees shall be the same for all senders, without any priority or preference whatsoever not pro- vided for by the Convention or the Regulations annexed thereto. ARTICLE 23 Responsibility The contracting governments declare that they accept no responsi- bility in regard to the users of the international telecommunication service. ARTICLE 24 Secrecy of Telecommunications Responsibility. § 1. The contracting governments agree to take all the measures f' .ec r ecy or communi· • catlOD.' . possible, compatIble with the system of telecommunication used, with a view to insuring the secrecy of international correspondence.