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TELECOMMUNICATION CONVENTION. DECEMBER 9, 1932. for in § 7 (4)], and when this installation is used for telephony only, the service may be carried on by an operator holding a radiotele- phone operator's certificate. (152] (2) In case of absolute unavailability of the operator in the course of a crossing, flight, or voyage, the master or the person responsible for the mobile station may authorize, but only tempo- rarily, an operator holding a certificate issued by another contracting government to carryon the radio service. When it becomes neces- sary to employ, as temporary operator, a person not holding an adequate certificate, this service must be limited to emergencies. In any case, the operator or the above-mentioned person must be replaced as soon as possible by an operator holding the certificate prescribed in § 1 (1) above. (153] § 2. Each administration shall take the necessary measures to place operators under the obligation of observing the secrecy of cor- respondence and to prevent, to the greatest possible extent, the fraudulent use of these certificates. P54] § 3. (1) There shall be two classes of certificates and a special certificate for radiotelegraph operators and two certificates for radiotelephone operators (general and limited). (155] (2) The qualifications to be required for obtaining these certificates are contained in the following paragraphs; tlJ('Y shall be the minimum requirements. pt~] (3) Each government shall be free to fix the number of examinations deemed necessary to obtain the said certificates. [157] (4) The holder of a first-class radiotelegraph operator's certificate, as well as the bolder of a second-class radiotelegraph operator's certificate provided with a general radiotelephone opera- tor's certificate may perform radiotelephone service on any mobile station. In the latter case, both the second-class radiotelegraph and radiotelephone operator's certificates can be combined. B. FIRST-CLASS RADIOTELEGRAPH OPERATOR'S CERTIFICATE 2483 [158] § 4. The first-class certificate shall be issued to operators who Fin-t-dasscertificaU. have shown that they possess the professional and technical qualifica- tions enumerated below: P59] (a) Knowledge of the general principles of electricity and of the theory of radiotelegraphy and radiotelephony, as well as the knowledge of the adjustment and of the practical operation of the types of apparatus used in the mobile service. (160] (b) The theoretical and practical knowledge of the opera- tion of the accessory apparatus, such as motor-generator sets, storage batteries, etc., used in the operation and adjustment of the apparatus specified in subparagraph (a). (1£1] (c) The practical knowledge necessary to make, with the means on board, the repairs of damage which may have occurred to the apparatus during a voyage.