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TELECOMMUNICATION CONVENTION. DECEMBER 9, 1932. 2499 [230] (j) An alphabetical list of the call signals of the stations mentioned under (a) and provided with a call signal of the international series. This list shall be arranged without considering nationality. It shall be preceded by the call-signal-allocation table appearing in article 14. [231] (g) General radio statistics. (232] § 2. (1) The nomenclatures of stations [§ 1 (a)] shall be pub- lished in separate volumes as follows: I. Nomenclature of Coast and Ship Stations. II. Nomenclature of Aeronautical and Aircraft Stations. III. Nomenclature of Stations Operating Special Services. IV. Nomenclature of Fixed Stations (Index to the List of Fre- quencies for Fi.~ed Stations in Service). V. Nomenclature of Broadcasting Stations. [233] (2) In the nomenclatures I, II, and III, cnrh ciuss of stations shall occupy a special section. (234] § 3. The form for the different nomenclatures and for the frequency list is given in appendix 6. Detailed information concern- ing the preparation of these documents shall be given in the prefaces, in the headings of columns, and in the notes of the said documents. [235] § 4. Once a month, by means of forms similar to those given in appendix 6, the administrations shall notify the Bureau of the Union of the additions, changes, and deletions to be made in the above- mentioned documents. [236] § 5. (1) The nomenclature of coast and ship stations as well as the nomenclature of aeronautical and aircraft stations shall be re- edited every 6 months without supplements between the two reedi- tions. As regards the nomenclature of stations operating special serv- ices and the nomenclature of broadcasting stations, the Dureau of the Union shall decide upon the intervals at which they must be reedited. [237] (2) A recapitulative hupplemcnt shall be pubiished every 3 months for the nomenclature of stations operating special services, and every 6 months for the nomenclature of broadcasting stations. [233] (3) The frequency list and the nomenclature of fixed stations constituting an index to the frequency list, for fixed stations in service, shall be reedited separately each year. They shall be kept up to date by means of monthly supplements also edited separately. [239] § 6. (1) The names of coast and aeronautical stations shall be followed respectively by tho words RADIO and AERADIO. [240] (2) The names of radio direction finding and of rndio- beacon stations shall be followed respectively by the words GONIO and PHARE. [241] § 7. Appendix 7 contains the symbols used in the documents to indicate the nature and the scope of the service of stations. [242] § 8. The service documents with which mobile stations must be provided are listed in appendix 8. NomenclatlllW. Po~l. p. 2oMII. POBI, I ' 21117.