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TELECOMMUNICATION CONVENTION. DECEMBER 9, 1932. facilitate the transmission of radiotelegrams, it may, however, trans- mit them to another mobile station. The latter shall treat radiotele- grams thus received like those filed in its own station. (See also art. 7 of the Additional Regulations.) [m] (2) However, when the mobile station can choose among several land stations situated at approximately the same distance, it must give the preference to the station located on the territory of the country of destination or of normal transit of the radiotelegram. When the station chosen is not the nearest, the mobile station must cease working or change the type or frequency of emission upon the first request made by the land station of the service concerned which is actually the nearest, when this request is based upon the interference which the work in question causes to the latter. ['76] § 2. Mobile stations using either type-AI waves or type-A2 or - A3 waves, outside the band 365 to 515 kc (822 to 583 m) must, as a general rule, give preference to the land station located on the terri- tory of the country of destination or of the country which it appears could most reasonably effect the transit of the radiotelegrams. ['77] § 3. If the sender of a radiotelegram filed in a mobile station has designated the land station to which he desires his radiotelegram sent, the mobile station must, in some cases, wait until the conditions speci- fied in the preceding paragraphs are fulfilled, before making the trans- mission to the designated land station. ARTICLE 27 Accounting for Radiotelegrams A. ESTABLISHMENT OF ACCOUNTS ['78] § 1. In principle, land and on-board charges shall not enter into international telegraph accounts. [t79] § 2. Governments reserve the right to make different arrange- ments among themselves and with the private enterprises concerned, with a view to the adoption of other provisions for accounting, notably the adoption, so far as possible, of the system in which land and on- board charges follow radiotelegrams from country to country through the telegraph accounts. ['80] § 3. In the absence of a different arrangement, in accordance with the provisions of § 2 above, accounts for these charges shall be set up each month by the administrations to which the land stations are subject and sent by them to the administrations concerned. [481] § 4. Where the land stations are not operated by the adminis- tration of the country, the operating agency may be substituted for the administration of the country, so far as accounts are concerned. [482] § 5. For radiotelegrams originating with on-board stations, the administration to which the land station is subject shall debit the administration to which the on-board station of origin is subject with .\ C COUnting 2545