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"74TH eOXGRESS. SESS. I. CHS. 217,218.226. JUNE 11, 13, 1935. 2071 (CHAPTER 217.] AN ACT For the relief of Edith N. Lindquist. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Represeniati'lJe8 of the l./1Iited States of America in Congress a8semhled, Thp.t the Secretary Edith N. Lindqubt. of the Treasury is authorized and directed to pay, out of any money Payment to. in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to Edith N. Lmdquist, chief nurse, United States Navy;, the sum of $600 in full satisfaction of her claim against the United I:jtates for reimbursement for the loss of certain clothing and other personal effects during the earth~ake and fire at Yokohama, Japan, on September 1, 1923: Provi,ded, That rr~t' tt no part of the amount appropriated in this Act in excess of 10 per Dey'~etc.~oree..~.n a or· centum thereof shall be paid or delivered to or received by any agent or agents, attorney or attorneys, on account of services rendered in ·c onn ection with said claim. It shall be unIa.wful for any agent or Hgents, attorney or attorneys, to exact, collect, withhold, or receive any sum of the amount appropriated in this Act in excess of 10 l?er ('en tum thereof on account of services rendered in connection WIth ~aid claim, any contract to the contrary notwithstanding. Any per- Penaityforviolation. !-'on violating the provisions of this Act shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be fined in any sum not exceeding $1,000. Approved, June 11, 1935. fCR APTER 218.J AN ACT Allthorizing adjustment of the claim of Elda Geer. June 11. 1935. (8 10380'-")'-:=.....- -[Pri\·~te. :\;0.67.) Re it enQ..cfed by the Senate and House of Respresentati'Ves 1 of the l'nited States of America in C07Igre88 aBttembled, That the Comp- TarmstroBot (talk) 14:04, 19 November 2014 (UTC)?::nt of c!,um troller General of the United States be, and he is hereby, authorized of . •wd directed to adjust and settle the claim of Elda Geer for refund (If duplicate collection made from her for the transportation, on the rnited States Army transport Republic, which sailed from Balboa, Cunal Zone, September 3, 1933, for San Francisco, California, of one automobile, Ford sedan, motor numbered A-4356902, and allow said · daim in the sum of not to exceed $26. There is hereby appropriated, {lUt of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, the sum of $26, or so much thereof as may be necessarv, for the payment of said claim. 0/ ApproycJ, June 11, 1935. {CHAPTER 22l1.] AN ACT For the relief of the Germania Caterillg Company. Incorporated. JunA 1:1. 193$. I~. 41.] (PrivatI', No.- r.s .j RI: it enactul oy tIlt" Senate and Hou.<;e of Repre,YenfativOJ o.f thi- _.. [ '.' dcrtt fA' . C blITh 1S GerzJ"UWI( a'l'rJtJ~ · ', oaf'S 0. 1JW1'ICa 211- ongre88 a.' J8em e(, at tte ecr('- COllll):lUY, lu('orj"" tary of the Treai:iury be,. and he is hereby, authorize~ and direc~ed to rai~:iuuJ of fine. pay, out of any money 1Il the Treasury not otherWIse approprIated. to tIl{> Germania Catering Company, I))(~orp()ratp(L the l'um of

-J:5.000. in full f;ettlement of all claims against the Gowrnment of

the United States, Such sum represent~ the alllollnt of fine paid by tlw Germania elltering CompanYl Incorporated~ pursuant to u con- I !'ill in orig;naJ.