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TELECOMMUNICATION CONVENTION. DECEMBER 9, 1932. 2. Radiobeacon 8tatioM. Radiobeacons are arranged in two sections: (a) maritime service (b) aeronautical service (Name of the country}, , N fth tt ' In alphabetical order) ame 0 e8aIOn Wave e:!o'" Bemarta .s:a~ ... os ~...8 (II> NormallJ' Exact 1l!S;., reliable ... - os aectora and =Ph- 1 loca- CharlO- Call '0'" a Call1lII references _fie:! to DatlODal Name tionof terlstio 81~Of wave 01 the the trans- 81~Ol t era- Modu- i, Ire- and Inter- ata- mittllll t era- diobaa- P're- latlon 1uen C)' DatioDal tlon anlenDa diobe&' COD, If 1ueocJ' TJ'P8 frequen- - -at wave- publloa- oltbe con any wave- cy,lf .. 8.1:1 length) tiona on lellltb) 11 Davlea- radlobea- any ' I::!;a!! tloDlil aida coni ..

~j (b) Worklnc

0; a hours' kc gs (c) Cbarges, (m) cycles !S kc (m) etc, ZZ - --- -51-61--;- -- I 2 3 4 89 10 11 I I Greenwlcb meridian • • Tbe ranges are indicated In Dautlcal mIlea for stations In the maritime service and In kilometers for ltatlonaln the aeronautical service. • Greenwich mean time. 3. Stations sending time signals, (Nameofthecountry}. I hbt' I d) Name of the station In a pac lca or er Waves Name 01 Call SliDal Frequencies lIonrs of trans- tbe Itation (wavelengths) mission I Type kc (m) 1 2 3 I4 5 I Greenwich mean time. r Generallnstructlons concerning time signals. Metbod t 6 4. Stations sending regular meteorological bulletins, (Name of the country}. , ,.". fth tt' In alphabetlcal order) ~~ame 0 e8aIon I I I Waves ! I I Name of Call signal I I i lIours of trans- I Remarks' tbe station I Frequencle~ I mission I I (wavelengths) Type I I kc i 1 2 3 4I 5 I6 I I I Greenwich mean time. I General Instructions concerning meteorological bulletins. 2607