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TELECOMMUNICATION CONVENTION. DECEMBER 9, 1932. By country, in this list, is meant the country within the limits of which the station is installed. (b) When a frequency is first notified for a station of a country, the date to be written in column 3b opposite this station is the same as that in column 3a. If the same frequency is later assigned to another station of the same country, the date of the first notification mentioned above shall be inserted in column 3a opposite the new station and, in column 3b, the date of the assignment of this fre- quency to this new station. (c) If two years after the notification (column 3b) the station to which the notified frequency has been assigned is not operating on this frequency, the indications relating thereto shall be canceled, unless the administration concerned, which must be consulted by the Bureau of the Union 6 months before the expiration of the afore- said period, has asked for their retention. In this case the dates of notification inserted in column 3a and 3b shall remain. Ex· Approx· act Imate tre- wave · quen· length cy Date (I) Greenwich meridian. II (I) The figure to be entered In colulDD Gmust permit a determination 01 the width of the frequency band occupied by the transmission No sign shall precede the figure wben the transmission uses hoth sldebanda. II the transmII810n uses only one sideband, this II Indicated by placlng betore the figure the sign + (side· band oUrequenc1ea above the carrier frequency) (ir - (sideband oflrequenciea below the carrier frequency). (.) Tho speed In bauds for the International Morae Code Is approximately equal to 0.8 X wordl per minute. (.) The admlnJstratlons shall notify Without delay to the Bureau of the Union the putting Into aervtce of BDyfrequency tor which a complete deacrlptlve JIBt appean In tbe frequency list. 2613