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TELECOMMUNICATION CO~VENTION. DECEMBER 9, 1932. 2H39 § 2. Whenever the spelling of call letters, service abbreviations, and words is necessary, it shall be done according to the following table: Figures to be Letter to be Words to be used Letter to be Words to be used indicated I spelled In spelling spelled In spelling 1 A Amsterdam N New York 2 B Baltimore 0 Oslo 3 C Casablanca P Paris 4 D Danemark Q Quebec 5 E Edison R Roma 6 F Florida. S Santiago 7 G Ga.llipoli T Tripoli 8 II Havana U Upsala 9 I !talia V Valencia 0 J Jerusalem W Washington Comma K Kilogramme X Xanthippe Fraction bar L Liverpool Y Yokohama M Madagascar Z Zurich § 3. When the receiving station is certain that it has received the radiotelegram correctly, the repetition provided for in item 4 of § 1 shall not be necessary, unless it concerns 8. radio telegram with collation. If repetition is waived, station B shall ac- knowledge receipt of the radiotelegram transmitted in the following manner: Hello A, B replies, your radiotelegram well received, over. 1 All transmissions of figures is begun alld ended by the words" in figures" repeated twice. AbbreviatiollS.