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TELECOMMUNICATION CONVENTION. DECEMBER 9, 1932. 2641 APPENDIX 13 Procedure to Obtain Radio Direction-finding Bearings (See article 30) 1. GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS A. Before calling one or more radio direction-finding stations, the mobile station, in order to request its bearing, must refer to the nomenclature for: 1. The call signals of the stations to be called to obtain the radio direction-finding bearings desired. 2. The wave on which the radio direction-finding stations watch, and the wave or waves on which they take bearings. 3. The radio direction-finding stations which by means of special wire connections, may be grouped with the radio direction-finding station to be called. B. The procedure to be followed by the mobile station depends on varying circumstances. Generally, the following must be taken into account: 1. If the radio direction-finding stations do not listen on the same wave, whether it be the wave on which bearings are taken or another wave, the bearings must be requested separately from each station or group of stations using a given wave. 2. If all the radio direction-finding stations concerned listen on the same wave, and if they are able to take bearings on a common wave-which may be a wave other than the listening' wave-they must all be called together, in order that the bearings may be taken by all these stations at the same time, on one and the same trans- mission. 3. If several radio direction-finding stations are grouped by means of special wires, only one of them must be called, even if all are fur- nished with transmitting apparatus. In this case, the mobile sta- tions must, however, if it is necessary, specify in the call by means of the call signals, the radio direction-finding stations whose bearings they wish to obtain. II. RULES OF PROCEDURE Appendix 13. Radio direction-find- ing bearings. Ante, p. 2557. General instructions. A. The mobile station shall call the radio direction-finding station Rules of procedure. or stations on the wave indicated in the nomenclature as being their watching-wave. It shall transmit the abbreviation QTE which means: "I wish to know my radio direction-finding bearing with re- spect to the radio direction-finding station which I am calling." or