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'l'ELECOMMUNICATION CONVENTION. DECEMBER 9, 1932. 2653 [Translation] FINAL PROTOCOL to the General Radio Regulations annexed to the International Telecommunication Convention At the time of signing the General Radio Regulations annexed to the International Telecommunication Convention, the undersigned plenipotentiaries take note of the following statements: I Final protocol to the general radio regula- tions. The plenipotentiaries of Germany state formally that their Govern- m~~rvation by Oer- ment reserves the right to continue using the waves of 105 kc (2,857 m) and 117.5 kc (2,553 m) for some special press services carried on by radiotelephony. II The plenipotentiaries of the Dutch East Indies state formally that DTarmstroBot (talk)ua:tal~~:. by their Government reserves the right of not pennitting the mobile stations of its country to apply the provisions of the last two sentences of article 26, ยง 1 (1) of the General Regulations concerning the retrans- mission of radiotelegrams through a mobile station for the sole purpose of hastening or facilitating transmission, instead of transmitting them to the nearest land station. III The plenipotentiaries of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics io:~rs~!~~f &kSt~i state formally that their Government rcserve~ the right to use tho Hepubllcs. following frequency bands for the services listed below: 150 to 285 kc (2,000 285 to 315 kc (1,053 315to340kc( 952 to 1,053 m) broadcasting to 952 m) radiobeacons to 882 m) aeronautical services and radio direction 340to420kc(882 to 714m) 515to550kc(583 to 545m) 9,600 to 9,700 kc (31.25 to 30.93 m) 11,700 to 11,900 kc (25.64 to 25.21 m) 12,100 to 12,300 kc (24.79 to 24.39 m) 15,350 to 15,450 ltc (19.54 to 19.42 m) 17,800 to 17,850 kc (16.85 to 16.81 m) 21,550 to 21,750 kc (13.92 to 13.79 Ill) finding broadcasting aeronautical services broadcasting fixed services broadcasting broadcasting broadcasting broadcasting