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Article II.

Extraditable crimes and offenses. Extradition shall be granted for the following crimes and offenses, provided they are punishable both under the laws of the place of refuge and under those of the State making the requisition, to wit:

Wilful homicide. 1.—Wilful homicide, including parricide, assassination, poisoning and infanticide.

Arson. 2.—Arson.

Piracy. 3.—Piracy; mutiny on board a vessel when the crew or a part thereof or other persons on board shall have taken possession of the vessel, by means of fraud or violence against the captain.

Burglary. 4.—The act of breaking into and entering a dwelling house in the night time with intent to commit therein a crime, the character of which shall be specified in the documents referred to in Article VI. (Crime of burglary.)

Forgery. 5.—The forgery or falsification of public or private documents; fraudulent use of forged or falsified documents.

Counterfeiting. 6.—Counterfeiting, forgery or alteration of money (either coin or paper), public bonds and their coupons, bank-notes, debentures, or other documents or instruments of credit; the issuance, circulation or use thereof with fraudulent intent; forgery or counterfeiting of public seals, dies, stamps or marks, as well as the fraudulent use of such forged or counterfeited objects.

Embezzlement of public funds. 7.—Embezzlement of public funds by the depositaries of such funds or by public officers, when the funds embezzled exceed 200 dollars or the equivalent in Turkish money.

Embezzlement by employee. 8.—Embezzlement by a person or persons employed or salaried, to the detriment of their employers, provided that such crime or offense is punishable by imprisonment or more severe penalty under the laws of both countries, and that the funds embezzled exceed 200 dollars or the equivalent in Turkish money.

Wilful destruction of railroad. 9.—Wilful and unlawful destruction or obstruction of railroads, which endangers human life.

Abortion, rape, kidnapping, etc. 10.—Abortion; rape; violation; kidnapping of minors or adults, defined to be the abduction or detention of a person or persons, for the purpose of exacting money from them or their families, or for any other unlawful end.

Robbery. 11.—Robbery; house-breaking or shop-breaking.

Larceny. 12.—Larceny, if the money or the value of the objects stolen exceeds 25 dollars or the equivalent in Turkish money.

Swindling, etc. 13.—Swindling; receiving money, securities or other property, knowing the same to have been embezzled, stolen or fraudulently obtained; when the amount of money or the value of the property exceeds 200 dollars or the equivalent in Turkish money.

Breach of trust, etc. 14.—Fraud or breach of trust by any person; notably, by a depositary, agent, banker, or trustee, or by the president, a member or any officer of a company or association, if the loss suffered exceeds 200 dollars or the equivalent in Turkish money.

Perjury. 15.—Perjury or subornation of perjury.