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Article X.

Expenses of arrest, etc. The expenses of the arrest, detention and transportation of the persons extradited shall be paid by the Party making the requisition.

Article XI.

Exchange of ratifications. The present Treaty shall come into force two months after the date of the exchange of ratifications and shall remain in force for five years.

Duration. If this Treaty is not denounced by one of the High Contracting Parties at least six months before the expiration of the said period of five years, it shall remain in force until it is denounced, such denunciation becoming effective only after the expiration of a period of six months.

Article XII.

Post, pp. 2698, 2704.
The present Treaty, in French, English and Turkish, shall be ratified. In case of divergence the French text shall prevail.

The ratifications shall be exchanged at Constantinople as soon as possible.

Signatures. In testimony whereof the above mentioned Plenipotentiaries have signed the present Treaty and have affixed their seals thereto.

Done at Lausanne, August 6, 1923.

Joseph C. Grew. [seal] M. Ismet
[seal] [seal] Dr. Riza Nour