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2736 INTERNATIONAL LABOR ORGANIZATION.•JUNE 28,1919. Other relawcl papen. OTHER RELATED PAPERS JUlJe Hi. 1!l:)4. PilL. Res~ 43; 7~d Con: gress. [PUBLIC RESOLUTION-No. 43-73D CONGRESS] [S.J.Res. 131] JOINT RESOLUTION Providing for membership of the United States in the Internat:onal Lahor Organ- ization. o:~\'ir~:rTarmstroBot (talk)?al I,abor Whereas progress toward the solution of the problems of interna- Preamble. tional competition in industry can be made through international action concerning the welfare of wage earners; and Vol. 48. p. li~2. Whereas the failure of a nation to establish humane conditions of labor is an obstacle in the way of other nations which desire to maintain and improve the conditions in their own countries; and Whereas the United States early recognized the desirability of international cooperation in matters pertaining to labor and took part in 1900 in establishing, and for many years thereafter sup- ported, the International Association for Labor Legislation; and Whereas the International Labor Organization has advanced the welfare of labor throughout the world through studies, recom- mendations, conferences, and conventions concerning conditions of labor; and Whereas other nations have joined the International Labor Organi- zation without being members of the League of Nations; and Whereas special provision has been made in the constitution of the Interna.tional Labor Organization by which membership of the United States would not impose or be deemed to impose any obligation or agreement upon the United States to accept the proposals of that body as involving anything more than recom- mendations for its consideration: Therefore be it Resolved by the Senate and House oj Representatives oj the United top=~~n~~:~~!~~ States oj America in Oongress assembled, That the President is hereby therein. authorized to accept membership for the Government of the United States of America in the International Labor Organization, ,vhich, through its general conference of representatives of its members and through its International Labor Office, coHects information con- cerning labor throughout the world and prepares international con- ventions for the consideration of member governments with 11 view to improving conditions of labor. No obligation as· SEC. 2 . That in accepting such membership the President shall SOlOed under covenant of League of !'Jatious. assume on behalf of the United States no obligation under the covenant of the Leaguo of Nations. Approved, June 19, 1934.