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UNIVERSAL POSTAL CONVENTION. MARCH 20, 1934. 2741 Universal PO-'ifal Union. Signed at Oa71'0, M(ll'r1~ '20, 1934; ratified _~1ar('h 20.1934. and appl'Ol)cri by tlte PostrnmJtel' General, September 13, 1934'- appro'oed by the President, October 4,1934. UNION POSTALE UNIVER- SELLE. CONVENTION POSTALE UNIVERSELLE. Art. TABLE DES ::\LO\TIERES. TITRE I DE L'UNIOX POSTALE UNIVERSELLE. CHAPITUE I Organisation et ressort de l' Union. 1. Constitution de l'Union. 2. Adhesions nouvelles. Procedure. 3. Convention et Arrangements de l'Union. 4. Reglements d'execution. 5. Traites et arrangements spociaux. Unions restreintes. 6. Legislation interieure. 7. Relations exceptionnelles. 8. Colonies, Protectorats, etc. 9. Application de la Convention aux Colonies, Protectorats, etc. 10. Ressort de l'Union. 11. Arhitrages. 12. Sortie de l'Union. Cessation de participation aux Arrangements CHAPITRE II CongrelJ. Conferences. Commissions. 13. Congrcs. 14. Ratifications. !\Hse a execution et duree des Actes des Congres. 15. Congrcs extraordinaires. 16. Reglement des Congres. 17. Conferences. 18. Commissions. CIIAPITRE III Propositions dant'] l'intervalle des reunions. 19. Introduction des propositions. 20. Examen des propositions. 21. Conditions d'approbation. 22. Notification des resolutions. 23. Execution des resolutions. UNIVERSAL POSTAL UNIONl UNIVERSAL POSTAL CONVENTION TABLE OF CONTENTS TITLE I CNIVERSAL POSTAL UNION CHAl'TEH I Organization and extent of the Union Art. 1. Constitution of the Union. 2. New Adhesions. Procedure. 3. Convention and Agreements of the Union. 4. Regulations of Execution. 5. Special treaties and agreements. Restricted Unions. 6. Domestic legislation. 7. Exceptional relations. 8. Colonies, Protectorates, etc. 9. Application of the Convention to Colonies, Protectorates, etc. 10. Extent of the Union. 11. Arbitration. 12. Withdrawal from the Union. Ter- mination of participation in the Agreements. CHAPTER II Congresses. Conferences. Commiileell 13. Congresses. 14. Ratifications. Entry into force and duration of the Acts of Con- gresses. 15. Extraordinary Congresses. 16. Regulations for Congresses. 17. Conferences. 18. Committecs. CDAPTER III Proposition8 in the interval between meetings 19. Introduction of propositions. 20. Examination of propositions. 21. Conditions of approval. 22. Notification of decisions. 23. Effective date of decisions. 1 Englh;h translation by Post Office Department. Cniyersal Postal ('onyention. Table of Contents.