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BY AUTHORITY OF CONGRESS. THE {Cubin: Eitatutcz at Targa OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, mmm rn ORGANIZATION OF THE GOVERNMENT IN 1789, TO MARCH 3, 1845. ARRLNGED IN GHRONOLOGICAL ORDER. wrru REFERENCES T0 THE MATTER OF EACH ACT AND T0 THE SUBSECUENT ACTS ON THE SAME SUBJECT, mm COPIOUS NOTES OF THE DECISIONS or us Ouuxtz nf the Nuitcb mates CONSTRUING THOSE ACTS, AND UPON THE SUBJECTS OF THE LAWS. wma AN INDEX TO THE CONTENTS OF EACH VOLITDIE, nm A _ FULL GENERAL INDEX T0 THE WHOLE WORK, IN THE CONGLUDING VOLUME. roevruru wuz: ( · Ghz Bzslzuzatinm of lhfuzpzubzncz, thz Qtticlzs nf illnnfzvzcatinu, smh tbz Qitunstltuttun of thz Hnitzh 5tatzs; mm uso, ·, ru wuz LAS'! vowmz, cc¤·r.·.mmc msrs or mm mrs nzuwrxc ·r0 wuz wmcuuv, mresrs Arm ·r0mu.¤¤, -:-:1 ruumc umxs, nc. E D I T E D B Y RICHARD PETERS, ESQ., covxszmgn nr mw. . The. rights and interest or the United states in the stereotype puma mm vhtchthiswort is prmtedmre hereby maugniwk ukuuwmdged, ami deunmd by mcgubushers, according to the yrcvmous at thejomt resolution otcungress, passed Much n, mn. VOL. V. B O S T O N I LITTLE, BROWN AND COMPANY. 1 8 5 6 .