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TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch.260,261. 1836. 69 according to the estimate of the Engineer Department, five thousand EWS ¤¤¢l Sidollars. °l*¤'¤· For continuing the removal of obstructions in, and improving the Egcgmbig navigation ofQ the Escambia river, in the Territory of Florida, five thou- riversand five hundred dollars. For further improvements at the mouth of Huron river, in the State of Huron river. Ohio, four thousand three hundred dollars. To close ae- And the following sums, necessary to close accounts, in the office of **0*%***8**1 We the Third Auditor, viz. Tigre A¤d¤=¤r‘¤ For removing obstructions at Cunningham creek, Ohio, thirty-two 0 Gxdhninvham dollars and thirty-six cents. creek. ° For completing the pier at La Plaisance bay, Michigan Territory, Michigan three hundred and twenty-three dollars and fifteen cents. Territory. For removing obstructions at Cleaveland harbor, Ohio, six dollars Cleaveland, and fifty-nine cents. Ohio. For repairing breach in the peninsula at Presque Isle, one hundred Presque Isle. and twenty-two dollars and eighty cents. For erecting a beacon light at Erie, Pennsylvania, sixty-nine dollars Erie, Permand sixty-nine cents. sylvmin- For erecting a light-house at Buffalo, New York, four hundred and Buffalo, New ninety-four dollars and seventy-eight cents. Y¤fk· For improvement of the navigation of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers 0},5,, and from Pittsburg to New Orleans, under the act of second of March, Mississipvi eighteen hundred and thirty-one, seventeen thousand eight hundred dollars and five cents. For defraying the expenses incidental to making examinations and Geological _ surveys, under the act of the thirtieth of April, eighteen hundred and anfl {‘;;';":l°K" twenty-four, of which sum five thousand dollars shall be appropriated ca S y ° and applied to geological'and mineralogical surveys and researches in 1824, cb. 46. the Indian country on the public lands and in the Territories of the United States, thirty thousand dollars. ' Approved, July 2, 1836. -———-—-- Srawn 1. Gnu. CCLX.—tlln Act to extend the charters of certain Banks in the District of July 2, 1836. Columbia, and for other purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the charters of the seve- Charters exral Banks herein enumerated, namely; the Union Bank, and Farmers f,°”{l§3‘l, *° July and Mechanics Bank of Georgetown; the Bank of the Metropolis, ’ ° Patriotic Bank of Washington, and Bank of Washington, in the city of Washington; and the Farmers Bank of Alexandria, and Bank of Potomac, in the town of Alexandria, be, and the same are hereby extended till the fourth day of July, eighteen hundred and thirty-eight. Ammovnn, July 2, 1836. -—-· Srnurs I. Cntr. CCLXI.-An Aet regulating the terms of the superior courts of the middle July g, ]836, district of Florida, and for other purposes. —·"""—‘ Be it enacted by the Senate and House if Representatives if the United not of Tent States of America in Congress assembled, That an act entitled ".An :3';:é';g;;la` act to alter and change the terms of the superior court for the middle pcb_ 1836 ap. district of Florida," passed by the Governor and Legislative Council of proved. said Territory, and approved February twelfth, eig teen hundred and thirty-six, be, and the same is hereby, approved, so far as it does not interfere with the terms of the court directed to be holden in the county of Franklin, which has been annexed to the said middle district. Trim may bg Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That it, in any prosecution for rgnoved from piracy, or any other criminal offence against the laws of the United lhs ";’;‘S‘;‘;‘;,"; States, or of the Territory of Florida, it shall be foimd rmpracticable yniddlg 45am6g_