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70 TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess.!. Ch.262 1836. to obtain a sufficient numberof jurors for the trial of any person or persons charged with said criminal ollences in the southern judicial district of Florida, it shall be lawful_ for the Judge to send said person or persons, with the indictment and otherlpapers, to the eastern or middle district for trial, and to take recogmaauces from the witnesses to appear in the said eastern or middle. district, in the same manner as he is empowered by law to do, in the district of which he is the judge. . Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That an act to. amend the act mggsaifgzing entitled *‘ An act incorporating the town of A,ppalach1cola," approve;} la andto Funk- twelfth of February, eighteen hundred and thirty-six, and "An act to 1i¤“·=g¤¤¢y» ¤¤- change the county Seat of the county of Franklm," passed January nu °fourteenth, and approved January seventeenth, eighteen hundred and thirty-six, be, and the same are hereby, annulled? Am,,,p,°,;,,g Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That so much of the act. of the usuperiorcourt, Legislative Council as directs a superior, court for the southern judicial '“‘”“u°d· district at Indian Key be, and the same is hereby, annulled. Approved, July 2, 1836. Sururs I. —··—·• July 2, 1836. Cx-mr. CCLXlI.·-dn det for laying of the towns of Fort Madison and Bur-

 hztgton, in the county of Des Moines, and the towns %,BeIko¢ew, Du Buque,

lggqi ch_g6_ a Peru, in the eownty of Du Buque, Terrztory of zsconam, and for other purposes. Towns of Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United £°"iiDM¤dlS°¤» States of America in Congress assembled, That the tracts of land in B;§,,,,€°:,€" Du the Territory of Wisconsin including the towns of Fort Madison and Buqpp and Pe. Burlington, in the county of Des Moines; Belleyrew, Du Buque, and Yu- , *¤¤°¤¤l¤ Peru, in the county of Du Buque; and Peru, in the county of Du T°ml°ry' Buque, and Mineral Point, in the county of Iowa, shall, underlthe direction of the Surveyor General of the public lands, be laid oil` into town lots, streets, avenues, and the lots for public use called the public squares, and into out-lots having regard to the lots and streets already surveyed, in such manner and of such dimensions as he may think proper for the public good and the equitable rights of the settlers and occupants of the said towns: Provided, The tracts of land so to be laid oil` into town-lots, dec. shall not exceed the quantity of one entire section, nor the town-lots one-half of an acre; nor shall the out-lots exceed the quantity of four acres each. When the survey of the lots shall be completed, a plat thereof shall be returned to the Secretary of the Treasury, and within six months thereafter the lots shall be olfered . to the highest bidder, at public sale, under the direction of the President of the United States, and at such other times as he shall think Proviso. proper; Provided, That no town·l0t shall be sold for a sum less than five dollars: And' provided further, That a quantity of land of proper width, on the river banks, at the towns of Fort Madison, Belleview, Burlington, Du Buque, and Peru, and running with the said rivers the whole length of said towns, shall be reserved from sale, (as shall also the public squares,) for public use, and remain for ever for public use, as public highways, and for other public uses. gutveyorm Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the zlasszhelots. said Surveyor to class the lots already surveyed in the said towns of Fort Madison, Burlington, Belleview, Du Buque, Peru, and Mineral Point, into three classes, according to the relative value thereof, on account of situation and eligibility for business, without regard however to the improvements made thereon; and previous to the sale of said lots as aforesaid, each and every person or ersons, or his, her, or their legal representatives, who shall heretofore have obtained from the agent of the United States a permit to occupy any lot or lots in the said towns, or who shall have, by building or enclosure, actually occupied