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80 TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess.!. C¤.270. 1836. Srarurz I. l .- n Act to cha e the or anizalion the Pont O Dqyqyg.

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cto arc 3» *8*** °*‘· 4* Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representativesof the United Revenues an State.: og America in Congress assembled, That the revenues arigiug be pvidinw the in the ost Office Department, and all debts due to the same, gm], T"’°”“'Y· when collected, be paid, under the direction of the Postmaster Genera}, into the Treasury of the United States. Postmaster Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the Postmaster General shall General no sub· submit to Congress at the next, and each succeeding annual session, mit estimates, specific estimates of the sums of money expected to be required for the &'°’ service of the Department in the subsequent year, commencing on the first day of July, under the following heads, viz: f' Compensation of postmastersf “Transportation of the mails," "_Slnp, steam-boat, and way letters," “Wrapping paper," “Oihce furmture," “Advertisi¤g,¤ “ Mail bags," “Blanks," “Mail locks, keys, and stamps," j' Mail dep;-g. dations, and special agents," “Clerks, for offices," and “Miscellaneous? And the Postmaster General shall render an account to Congress, at each succeeding annual session, of the amounts actually expended for each of the purposes above specified. Appropriation Sec. 3. And be it furtluer enacted, That the aggregate sum required ¤*¤d¢ from WV- " for the service of the Post Othee Department," in each year, shall be §':;’},°é;;‘°D8_ appropriated by law out of the revenue of the Department, and tha.t all partmem. payments of the receipts of the Post Office Department into the Treasury, shall be to the credit of the said appropriation. To repaid by Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That the sums appropriated for dm T¤¤¤¤¤f¤*· the service aforesaid shall be paid by the Treasurer in the manner Proviso. herein directed: Provided, That the compensation of postmasters, the expenses of post olhces, and such other expenses of the Department for which appropriations have been made, as may be incurred by postmasters, may be dedrfcted out of the proceeds of their offices, under Pmviso. the direction of the Postmaster General: And provided, also, That all charges against the Department by postmasters, on account of such expenses, shall be submitted for examination and settlement, to the auditor herein provided for; and that no such deduction shall be valid, unless the expenditure so deducted, be found to have been made in Proviso. conformity to law: And provided, also, That the Postmaster General shall have power to transfer debts due on account of the Department, by postmasters and others, in satisfaction of the legal demands for which appropriations have been made, of such contractors who may be creditors of the Department, as shall have given bonds, with security, to refund any moneys that may come into their hands over and above the amount which may be found due to them on the settlement of their accounts. Tmsum. ,0 Sec. 5. And be it further emuted, That the Treasurer of the United give receipts. States shall give receipts for all moneys received by him to the credit of the appropriation for the service of the Post Office Department; which receipts shall be endorsed upon warrants drawn by the Postmaster General, and without such warrant, no acknowledgment for money received as aforesaid shall be valid. payment, ,0 Sec. G. And be it furtlwr enacted, That the appropriations for the be made on service of the Post Office Department shall be disbursed by the Trea- “"“"°¤°¤· surer out of the moneys paid into the Treasury for the service of the Post Office Department, upon the warrants of the Postmuter General, registered and countersigned as herein provided, and expressing on

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