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S4 TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 270. 1836. of all the balances and debts due to the Post Office Department as aforesaid, by late postmasters, showing, in each,_the_name and oflice of the principal debtor, the names of the sureties, if any, the amount of the debt, the time at which it accrued, the steps takento collect the same, and whether they have been successful or not. The said statement shall also classify such of the said balances as may then remain due into such as are considered collectible and such as are not, with the whole amount of each class. , _ Sec. 19. And be it further enacted, That the auditor for the Post 0;;“g;;°';n‘;‘;Y' Office Department, or any mayor of a city, justice of the peace, or- ,,d,,Q;,,is{.,, judge of any court of record in the United States, by him especially oaths, &c. desi nated shall be authorized to administer oath and ailirmations in re a ron o e examina ron an se emen o e accoun s commr tc lg t,thf d ttl tfth t 'td to his charge; and if any person shall knowingly swear or aiiirrn falsely, touching the expendituresof the Post Office Department, or in relation to any account of, or claim against, or in favor of, the said Department, he or she shall, upon conviction thereof, suffer as for wili'ul and corrupt perjury. q·h;,d A,,,,,, Sec. 20. And be it further enacted, That there shall be employed ant Postmaster by the Postmaster General, a third Assistant Postmaster General, who G°“°'“l· may receive and send letters and packets free of postage, and in lieu of the clerks now employed in the Department one chief clerk three Cl°'k“· &°· principal clerks, and thirty-three other clerks, dne messenger, and three assistant messengers, and two watchmen. Clerks to be Sec. 21. And be it further enacted, That there shall be employed ,m,,yOy8di,,,h° by the Secretary of the Treasury, in the office of the auditor for the office of the Post Office Department, one chief clerk, four principal clerks, and A“d“°"· glliirtygeightlotlher clerks, one messenger, and one assistant messenger, so t ree c er s one at a salary of fourteen hundred dollars per annum, _ one at a salary of twelve hundred dollars, and one at a salary of one And m‘l“’*°f thousand dollars, in the office of the Treasurer of the United States, in the Treasurer . . 0,-the Uniwd lieu of the same number of clerks now employed in the office of the States. ggith Aipditor of the Treasury, in adjusting the accounts of the Post ce epartment. alxeporté to be Sec. 22. And be it farther enacted, That it shall be the duty of the gas: lj; “;¤· glosgnrinster General apo make to Congress, at each annual session thereoi 0,,,,,,,,;,,, (;,,_ e 0 owing sever reports: neral. First A report of all contracts made for the tran rtation of th mail within the preceding year, stating in each case ofsggntract its dat; and duration, the name of the contractor, the route or routes embraced in the contract, with the length of each, with the times of arrival and departure at the ends of each route, the mode of transportation contracted for, and the price stipulated to be paid by the Department; also a statement of all such land and water mails as may have been established or ordered by the Department within the year preceding, other thaxrfthose let toh contrast at the annual lettings of mail contracts, speci ying, in eac case the route or water course on which the mail is established, the name of the person employed to transport it, the mode gmtgprisportation, the amount paid or to be paid, and the proposed ion of the order or contract. Second, report of all allowances made to contractors within the year preceding, beyond the sums originally stipulated in their respective contracts, and the reasons for the same; and of all orders made by the 32P::?;;;?, gdgéional exppnsg is, or will be incurredébeyond on an an o t t ,' , ` each cdse, the route to which theyorder rcl-lld‘l;s?rtliemi1;mseP?>(f}§h1t‘i:ohxf tpactor, the original service provided by the contract, the original price, t e date of the order_for additional service, the additional service required, and the additional allowance therefor; also, a report of all